Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tell me why?

Why is it that of everything in the house - all the toys, all the books, all the harmless cups and bottles and such thing that are in a regular home - kids are going to play with the things that can KILL them?!?!?!

Ok, so perhaps I'm overreacting here, but I was just laying down for a rest.
I turn over, and hear a *CLUNK* . . .

"Oh yeah, that must have been my toiletries bag that I had at the foot of my bed."

I'm so tired that as soon as that thought registers it gets filed in the "not important now" file and I close my eyes again . .

Enter now my walking 1year old totteling about my room, checking in on mommy and I'm trying to ignore him, when I hear *rustle, rustle, rustle* and mommy senses start tingling . .

My thought process: "He's probably in the toiletries bag". . . I do a mental inventory of what's in their: tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, bottle of shampoo, deodorant . . . RAZOR!

Now I know, I NEED to get up and see what he's playing with - because you know he's not playing with the comb or brush . . .

The razor,

"Of course, the razor" *eye roll*


Well he pulled through unharmed. But that's more than I can say for my 3 year old.

This time my mommy senses gave me no warning when my little spider monkey came crying in the house saying he fell.

That is not uncommon, and I usually don't make a big deal about a fall, except when he showed me his owie it was a PUNCTURE WOUND!


He fell on something, but it was unwitnessed and the best I can gather from him it was some metal protrusion on the porch.

One cancelled game night, trip to the ER and 5 stitches later he is fine . . . as he stands on the top of the little tykes car for toddlers smiling at me . . .

Me? I think I need a drink!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Why God Made Moms.

Answers given by 2nd grade school children to the following questions:
  • 1. She's the only one who knows where the scotch tape is.
  • 2. Mostly to clean the house.
  • 3. To help us out of there when we were getting born.

How did God make mothers?

  • 1. He used dirt, just like for the rest of us.
  • 2. Magic plus super powers and a lot of stirring.
  • 3. God made my Mom just the same like he made me. He just used bigger parts.

What ingredients are mothers made of?

  • 1. God makes mothers out of clouds and angel hair and everything nice in the world and one dab of mean.
  • 2. They had to get their start from men's bones. Then they mostly use string, I think.

Why did God give you your mother and not some other mom?

  • 1. We're related.
  • 2. God knew she likes me a lot more than other people's moms like me.

What kind of little girl was your mom?

  • 1. My Mom has always been my mom and none of that other stuff.
  • 2. I don't know because I wasn't there, but my guess would be pretty bossy.
  • 3. They say she used to be nice.

What did mom need to know about dad before she married him?

  • 1. His last name.
  • 2. She had to know his background. Like is he a crook? Does he get drunk on beer?
  • 3. Does he make at least $800 a year? Did he say NO to drugs and YES to chores?

Why did your mom marry your dad?

  • 1. My dad makes the best spaghetti in the world. And my Mom eats a lot.
  • 2. She got too old to do anything else with him.
  • 3. My grandma says that Mom didn't have her thinking cap on.

Who's the boss at your house?

  • 1. Mom doesn't want to be boss, but she has to because dad's such a goof ball.
  • 2. Mom. You can tell by room inspection. She sees the stuff under the bed.
  • 3. I guess Mom is, but only because she has a lot more to do than dad.

What's the difference between moms & dads?

  • 1. Moms work at work and work at home and dads just go to work at work.
  • 2. Moms know how to talk to teachers without scaring them.
  • 3. Dads are taller & stronger, but moms have all the real power 'cause that's who you got to ask if you want to sleep over at your friend's.
  • 4. Moms have magic, they make you feel better without medicine.

What does your mom do in her spare time?

  • 1. Mothers don't do spare time.
  • 2. To hear her tell it, she pays bills all day long.

What would it take to make your mom perfect?

  • 1. On the inside she's already perfect. Outside, I think some kind of plastic surgery.
  • 2. Diet. You know, her hair. I'd diet, maybe blue.

If you could change one thing about your mom, what would it be?

  • 1. She has this weird thing about me keeping my room clean. I'd get rid of that.
  • 2. I'd make my mom smarter. Then she would know it was my sister who did it and not me.
  • 3. I would like for her to get rid of those invisible eyes on the back of her head.

Friday, November 07, 2008


It was surprising to be reading along at Happy Home about this lady that she awarded and thinking "Wow, she sounds so neat!" followed by the thought "Hey! That's me!"

I didn't recognize myself here since I honestly feel like I'm barely holding it all together - often!

So, Happy Mama, thank you. It really touched me. To see me through your eyes I feel a bit more . . . sane!

And as you said: it is now My pleasure to pass this award on:

I'd like to pass it on to Missionary Mom who just seems to have a lot of sense and purpose in her blog. She's careful and thoughtful. And will be welcoming home a new one soon!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Random FYI meme

A Cup of Joy tagged me. I've done this one before, but since there are oh-so-many random things about me it's an easy one to do again! *smile*

Random FYI:
1) I *heart* cryptograms, but they are kinda hard to find.
2) I love Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe . . . oh my word that fellow can make me laugh!

3) I always thought that the reason I did not get the roll of Annie in the Movie Annie was cause we never made it to the casting call.
4) Unfortunately, my singing style/talent has been described as "lounge singer", not necessarily the good kind. Yes, I am the bad loud singer at church. Don't stare, it's rude, I'm not stopping.
5) My mother still tells people that I'm fluent in French, even though I have explained on numerous occasions that I took French for a couple of semesters, that is a far cry from being fluent.
6) Yo NO quiero Taco Bell. Nunca, jamas, por nada . . . .guacala!

Those I tagged: Brittney and Singalullaby and YOU!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Can I just get a WITNESS!

Old Mother Michelle in Mx
went to the cupboard
to fetch her poor kids a bone

When she got there
her cupboard was bare
and so her poor kids had tomato soup

Which they didn't like one bit, but ate cause that's all we had.

So on the way to bible study at some fellow missionaries house I was thinking different things I could throw together to call "meals" but I sure wish I had some chicken.

Isn't our God good?

Doesn't he just know the wishes in our heart and every now and again surprise us with that, and so much more?

So, after bible study tonight, the missionary hostess and I were talking. I asked her about some instant oatmeal that she had offered me last week and I forgot - and then she asked me "Would you like some meat?"

Uh, YES!

What kind?

Er, some chicken would be nice . . .

Then she proceeded to give me TWO grocery bags of meat.

Y'all, I have chicken.

And I have a frozen leg of lamb in my freezer!

God is good! And sometimes spoils rotten his kids.!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

En Espíritu y en Verdad

Have you heard worship songs in Spanish like this?:
It's a fine song, and I know it in English, but I haven't sung this in Mexico ever.

Well, from Lei's question in my comments, I realized two things - some of you really don't know how we worship here - passionately -

and often a song is originally an English song, but I only know it in Spanish. This is a song we often sign/sing on a Sunday. If this song is in English someone is going to have to tell me, because I only know it in Spanish.

Cuan hermoso How lovely
eres jesus are you Jesus
es tu poder is your power
fue tu cruz was your cross

La que me salvó, that which saved me me rescató; rescued me un momento ahí one moment there nos dio libertad gave us freedom (or "set us free").

cuan glorioso eres jesus how glorious you are Jesus
son tus palabras are your words
es tu amor is your love

con una corona de espinas with a crown of thorns
te hicistes you became
rey por siempre king for ever
con una corona de espinas with a crown of thorns
te hicistes you became
rey por siempre king forever

te doy gloria we give you gloria glory
te doy gloria we give you glory

Friday, October 31, 2008

None but Jesus - in Spanish

This is a direct request by Lei, a new blogger, who asked me if I knew this song . . .well, once I found it and heard it I see that YES we sign/sing this song often at our church in Ensenada! Here are the lyrics in Spanish. The song is by Hillsongs and they have it in English too, if your curious.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Family Update!

Hubby has missed two days of dialysis because he's trying to fix the clutch in our "good" car (the 4 runner) and it's been slow. He says that he is almost done, but it's getting harder to breath since *oh by the way* his body can't get rid of excess water and it's building up around his lungs . . .

I'm back to needing a break. Since the last time I felt this way was about a month ago it seem that I needs a day off once a month or I start to lose it. Two days sound better.

Miss Intensity seems happier (mayhaps that cause Mom's been happier) and doing well at her new school. Her 5 year old birthday is coming up Nov 3rd. She's so excited. Even if Mom doesn't have time/money/energy to do anything.

Mr Middle Child is Prince Charming, and into Indiana Jones these days. We are a bit concerned, though, about him tying a jump rope around his body and swinging from the top bunk rail . . .DUDE!

Baby Child is one smart kid. Giving him commands like "go put that back" and he's doing it! He's giving open mouth face presses for kisses, and we've moved him into bed with Mr Middle Child - so we can get rid of the crib. WOO HOO!

We are about 40% unpacked, and the kids are still helping mom with the dishes *after every meal* except on days like today, where everyone was in bed by 6:30 and mom's to tired to do anything except blog.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Banana Pancakes

This is dedicated to Tracie D. who has an affinity for Banana Pancakes at La Fonda. *HI*
And Mimi, if she doesn't see this, can you see that she does?
*heart, heart*

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What grade?

Here in Mexico the Kindergarten has 3 grades.
I guess it would be the equivalent of K1, K2, K3.
So Little Man just got enrolled into Kindergarten, first grade at 3 years old.
He loves it!
While my little Miss is in Kindergarten, third grade for the 5 years olds.

The change in school did require a change in uniform. I'll have to post those pictures soon.

Until then . . .

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm BaaaCK!

coming up for air again!
And can I hear a WOO HOO for Internet in the house again!!!!!!!

Oh - all my bloggity friends and Internet connections . . . *muah, muah, muah*
That separation nearly Killed me!

We are in the new house now, a bit closer to the boarder, making the drive a little easier for my hubby, and it is NICE! It's quite, the night sky is full of stars . .. .

But I am not at my leisure yet! We have all the UN-packing to do now.


Anyone want to come to Mexico for short term mission trip to help me unpack???

I'll be making my rounds . . . thanks for all your prayers.
Good news! My husband's brother is a kidney match and we are hoping something happens by January!

Prayers work!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm gonna open my heart up to you all here . . .

I am cutting and pasting an e-mail that I sent a friend, I pretty much lay it on the line . . . just so you know . . .

People ask; "How's it going?"

The short answer: OK.

The long answer (grab a cup of coffee, I'm not kidding):

It's been really rough. We got back to San Diego at the beginning of August and he went to his doctor there. From the lab work they saw that his toxins were really high so they had him admitted to the hospital to receive 3 days of hemo dialysis in a row.

My husband's numbers improved dramatically. So the doctor had him switched back to hemo dialysis 3 times a week. Peritoneal dialysis (the kind he does at night with the machine) just wasn't working for him because of the extra stuff you have to be careful of/for and he just wasn't. That leaves us here; on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday he needs to be in Southern San Diego to receive hemo, and those days he is getting it from 1pm to 5pm, and pretty wipes him out for the rest of the day. But his color looks good, and he feels better - even if it isn't the "in perfect health" guy that we knew, it is not the "about to keel over" guy. We are still trying to find what works for us with this schedule. We are still waiting for Gods leading.

I've been frustrated in that it seems God is entirely silent on the matter. I was getting . . well, mad, because I've really had God's absolute direction so strongly on my life that it's absents was alarmingly noted. Then I heard Him. He told me, in the way the Spirit does, that He isn't going to tell me what we need to do. He's going to tell hubby. !!!!! If you know me at all, you know the loop this sent me on!

So I . . . er. . .patiently . . . wait, but I don't know anything right now. He's has been going up twice a week, staying for example, Tuesday to Thursday, and then going up and coming down again on Saturday (like he did this week) but that is so not easy for me.

I tried pulling a 'Sarah' (of the bible, you know, to "help" God out a bit) by looking for low income housing in the states so we could all be there together and just come down as a family to work with the deaf, reserving any interviews or doctor appointments that needed translating or sign practice and bible studies to the days that we would be there, not to mention being there Sundays for Deaf church. Great plan, right?

My plan, my humiliating failure. Red fags should have been raised when my husband said he didn't like the idea. So we, the family, are in Mexico while he goes back and forth. My daughter has started school in Mexico, and the deaf are here every day - without my husband's help I'm feeling very overwhelmed, all the time. I think being tired is affecting my ability to fight off the paralyzing cloud of "poor me".

Thankfully I have others around me that have helped me out, a couple just on Thursday took all my laundry that was piling up and brought them back Friday with dinner. Another couple that have 5 kids of their own are willing to take my kids if I need a break. And I have a few other numbers to call should I need it, and that is a Godsend. Still, I often feel like I'm drowning.

The upside is that he is growing spiritually through all this. The house were he stays, our friends in San Diego, belong to missions pastor, and is a man he respects. I know they talk when he is there. I know my husband has been reading his bible more - since he's had more time alone to do so. During his dialysis my husband tells me of the things he dwells on about what he's read. Here's the bottom line. My husband is doing better - spiritually you could say he is doing well. I am barely holding it together, but now that I've stopped fighting against my present situation but try to work with it, I'm doing better.

Now we just found a house about 1/2 between here and the boarder that we will be moving to and will allow us to continue with the deaf, but be a shorter drive for my husband. So this week we are moving, and no, I don't know how we're going to do that with him being so weak.

Some problems have arose since all this has been going on, my daughter is getting progressively more aggressive everywhere. My weekly menus are getting more and more slipshod . . . and my hubby and I both have our good days and our bad days. The really bad days are those when we have bad days together.

There are a couple more things going on - but I'm not ready to share those yet . . suffice it to say, forgive me if I've ignored you of late. I'm really just hanging on here.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sorry for the full moon so long!

Hey, it's been that kind of . . . month.

But the update today is that my baby (who just turned 1 this Wednesday) is now officially walking!

He toddles around the house now with this look on his face like inside his head he's thinking "whoa - whoa"

And he's got the turns down pat.

Way to go buddy!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A meme

And I know I have several others to attend to but here is the first one I'm getting to.

It's an easy one:


(easy smeasy!)

  1. Intelligent conversation about the characters of God over coffee
  2. A good book
  3. Performances (of all kinds)
  4. people watching
  5. card and board games

I'm tagging Brittney on this one. And anyone else who wants to play.

Monday, September 01, 2008

My Walk Mondays

My Walk Monday

People have asked . . Well what is it you feel God is telling you?

This is a question that stems from my hubbies bad health and I've been feeling very overwhelmed. But I've had to say - nothing. God has been alarmingly silent.

That is until two days ago, when the Spirit spoke to me as only He can, and He said:

I'm not going to tell you. I'm going to tell your husband.


("dude" was me, not God)

So, there it is. And things have been easier for me since I've stopped fighting against my situation and have/am focusing to live with it.

The good news is that a house has come available that is closer to the doctors for my hubby and just far enough away from our ministry here that "drop-in's" wouldn't be so prevalent, and that just might give me the breather I need. As to whether it is a "go" or no - that is between my God and my husband.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I've been awarded!

*Sorry to make this a mystery for you all . . . *

I just got so busy . . .

Well here's the deal . .Happy Momma from Happy Home gave me . . .



The Smile Award
and this:
Well, the good things with awards is that you get to pass the love on . . .so here's some of the blogs I love, and those that make me smile that I'll award these to . . .
  1. State Side *new blogger* Very funny friend! Always makes me smile! I HEART YOU GIRLFRIEND!
  2. My life as JulieMom . . .not to mention she has the biggest brain that I know of . . .
  3. Entropy hearts and hugs your way cous'!
  4. Sermon on the Mount of Laundry heart heart heart . . . .
  5. Virginia's Family Adventures funny, frank, full of love . . . y'all rock!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just now

My just-turned-three year old came up to me with a piece of paper that was all taped up with packaging tape.

He wanted me to open it for him, because despite his best efforts he wasn't able to break the tape.

I went into the office, got the letter opener and with a quick motion broke the tape.

I passed the now open page to him and he says emphatically with an adorable lisp . . .

"That's my girl!"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Proof we've got to get out of the city.

While traveling in the mountains, with the pines surrounding us, and the cool sunshine beaming down my daughter cry out from the back

"Taste the air with your tongue mom! It's delicious!"

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Walk Mondays

My Walk Monday

I have a ton of stuff to do today, and a missionary friend just took my two eldest so I have to make this quick to take advantage of the kid-less home . . .

God just about brought me to tears this morning with this verse:

He tends his flock like a shepherd: he gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.

Isaiah 40:10

The emphasis is mine . . . but I didn't want you to miss it . . . I am His lamb and you see, He carries me close to His heart! When I dwell on that I can almost hear His heartbeat.

But more - he gently leads those that have young - that's me. Praise Him for his gentle leading, because I do feel so lost on my own. And I've been feeling so tired lately as those of you who are close to me know.

This road trip we did with my husband fading away before my eyes with kidney failure has been the hardest trial I have been through of late. As he has been able to do less and less I have had to take on more and more, and his care too . . . My head swims with all the "what ifs" and "what nows" that need to be addressed. That is why this verse so touched my heart. I am blessed this morning knowing that I am gently lead and carried.

Praise God for that!

Gently lead and carried.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

We're back!!1

We just rolled into our Mexican home late last night.
This was not a vacation!

I peeled my bleary eye (just one) open to peek at my soon-to-be-three-year-old-son as he is standing next to my night stand . . .

"I bring you coffee, mommy. I bring you coffee."

Both my eyes pop open to see - *drats* it's just play dishes . .

"You drink it aaallll gone!"

This kid knows me. *smile, sigh*

We actually are out of drinking water in the house so we'll have to go get that as soon as we unload the car and unhitch the trailer. And when I say we, I mean me. Hubby isn't doing so well, part of the "not a vacation" that I mentioned earlier.

So I'm off to tackle responsibilities . . .meanwhile, click on this link and tell me what you think, but be cautioned - there is a bleep-able moment in there.

How to pop popcorn using your cell phone

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

We are off!

Thanks to:

I'll still be going about and visiting.
Would appreciate your prayers over our traveling!
Blessings then!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reminiscing . .

Have I been absent from the blogging world of late?

And I know this irritates me more than it even registers with you . . .

We are leaving Saturday for our bi-annual trek north to visit the churches, friend and families that support us. So I've been in the hub of preparations, and getting presentations ready and such . . .aside from that we have a visiting group with us this week that leave on Friday.

So I console myself by imagining all the "free" time I'll have on our trip to peruse my bloglines and bloggity friends . . .

Meanwhile, going through some old pictures and ran across the time Heather and I hung out . . .

The mamas

The daughters

The son (*ack!* can this really be before my own two sons were born!!! It is! It is before! *ack!*)

The meltdown (yes, my girl -*roll eyes*)

My brother (who's lady gets the credit and thanks for letting us visit this place) says that it is known as "The Happiest Place on Earth" because the kids make a deposit there . . they go in giddy and leave all the "happy" there.

And since I missed "My Walk Monday" let me leave you with a verse that is really ministering to my spirit this morning: Isaiah 33:2, 6, 22

"O LORD, be gracious to us; we long for you.

Be our strength every morning,
our salvation in time of distress. . . .

He will be the sure foundation for
your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear
of the LORD is the key to this treasure. . .

For the LORD is our judge,
the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; it is he who will save us."

Friday, June 20, 2008

Crazy Days!

Wednesday we left for the states to do some errands and doctors appointments and meetings and such. We also had to pick up some stuff for a group we've got coming down tomorrow. We got back home tired and late last night (Thursday) only to find that the refrigerator was left open a crack. The inside temperature registered a breezy 92degrees.


So, dealing with that (go ahead, use your imaginations, cause it was that bad) we both dropped into bed.

This morning I could barely get up. My hubby was delusional because he was rousing me with such motivational language as "Come on, get up, lets go do some pilates!"

But the baby was protesting the delay in breakfast so I kind of lugged lugged lugged over there and began our daily round of activities involved in dress and feed.

  • then Rita showed up with her two toddlers
  • I find out that our phone is getting no tone but we still have Internet. I call the phone company to get that addressed
  • and then Pastor Carlos came over with Yadira - both needed to talk to either my hubby or myself
  • Phone man shows up (amazingly fast for here!!!) and is buzzing around all this activity
  • we set up Yadira on web cam to talk to our friends and former missionaries who now live in Texas
  • Gaby shows up (Carlos sister)
  • I go pick up my daughter from school and come home to find out we have no water
  • I make lunch for all the small people in this house and Rita and myself, everyone else heads out - I guess the telephone guy too, cause I don't see him here anymore . . .and the phone is working
  • I take Rita and her family home - now it is just me and the kids again . . .

*Whew* I put on Cars for the kids and sit down on the couch and promptly fall asleep only to be awakened by baby reminding me that it is his turn to eat.

I'm going to go feed him now . . but I'm just wondering how I'm gonna get the last minute set up done for this group if my day continues much more like it has?

It's 95 degrees as I type, and we all need a shower . . . .pray for that water folks!

It's not a bad day, just a crazy one . . .and here I was hoping to linger here at blogging and visit some blogging friends . . .

A shout out to you all anyway!!!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Laugh with Me

Short Ones

An atheist is someone with no invisible means of support.

Arkansas State trooper pulls over a pickup truck on I-40. He
says to the driver, "Got any ID?" Driver says, "Bout what?"

A rock store was closed by the police -- they were taking too
much for granite.

What is a computer's first sign of old age? Loss of memory.

"The Insomniac," by Eliza Wake

Notice! Take lettuce from top of stack, or heads will roll!

A letter carrier's career is a mail-dominated profession.

A guy goes into a second hand shop to buy one for his watch.

A job at the nursery can lead to a budding career.

Didja hear about the Broadway actor who broke through the
floor boards? He was just going through a stage.

The Italian government is considering installing a clock in
the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The reason? What good is it if
you have the inclination, but you don't have the time?

A farmer called his pig Ball Point. Well, it wasn't it's real
name, just a pen name.

When the unemployed actor got a job with a demolition
company, he finally brought down the house.

If a parsley farmer is sued, can they garnish his wages?

Why do they lock gas station bathrooms? Are they afraid
someone will clean them?

If you ate both pasta and antipasto, would you still be

Why is there an expiration date on sour cream?

Received from Bills Punch Line.

Brought to you by The Good, Clean Funnies List
A cheerful heart is good medicine... (Prov 17:22a)
The latest GCFL funny can always be found on the web at

Monday, June 16, 2008

My walk Mondays

My Walk Monday

Two days ago a deaf women asked me, in tears, if she should grant her husband the divorce he is demanding . . .

Two weeks ago I was made aware of an abusive relationship . . .

Two months ago another deaf lady tells of a happening that is causing her great shame . . .

And I have been feeling so unqualified, so unable to meet these needs. To give the right counsel . . .

There are so many things that I need to work on - just me - how could I help anyone else? Isn't there someone more studied, more ready, more qualified to handle this than me?

Well, yes, perhaps, but the point is . . . they are not here! I am.

There is some serious spiritual bleeding going on, and there may not be a hospital near by, but I sure can administer first aid!!

So I am going to learn about ministering to the spirit, though prayer, and being able to hear, really hear God's Spirit. And I am going to be ministered to - to help assure that my own spirit is healthy to be able, then, to help others.

I am learning about The significance of sowing and reaping.

It's going to be a process. I know. And I'm rather excited about it.

There are spiritual laws at work that are as real and affecting as gravity, whether or not you believe in them.

Luke 6:37-38 says:

Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be
condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give, and it will be given to you.
A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured
into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

If you take this verse in context - the part about "give, and it will be given to you" what is it talking about?


What does forgiveness look like? It is a giving of the case to God.

  • it's a decision, not a feeling
  • it is acknowledging what happened, not denying the pain or anger
  • it accepts that we can not go back to the way things were, not living "as if it never happened"
  • it is not forgetting, the aim is to come to a point where the memory will no longer cause us pain
  • forgiveness is not reconciling ourselves to a person who is unwilling or dangerous
  • it is to accept and live with the consequences, not to be in denial, or continually grieving or blaming . . .
  • it is the giving up of my right for retribution or restitution (that's in God's hands)
  • it does not maintain a list of offences or hurts or a list of all we'd like to say
  • it means dealing with my own hurts and offence and nothing to do with the guilt or innocents of the offender
  • it is not necessarily a one time deal, it is only the beginning of the healing process
  • it does not grant instant trust, the offender is responsible to rebuild/earn that trust. Earned trust is restitution
  • forgiveness is a gift from God and something we do with His strength and grace, not our own

To harbor unforgiveness towards someone is like drinking poison and expecting the offender to die.

That's just to start off this week.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


How to get a little jiggy with it.

Get your largest coffee cup and fill it up with your regular joe.

Add one tablespoon of instant coffee.

Prepair coffee how you would in any normal circumstances . . . a sugar or two, some creamer . . .

and the piece de resistance; add some instant chi latte and voila!

Just this side of legal.

Monday, June 09, 2008

My walk continued . . .

My Walk Monday

When I was in college I got my major in cultural anthropology. One of my classes studies these people, the Yanomami. And let me assure you, the typical anthropological attitude towards missionaries is one of extreme antipathy. (There's your college degree at work!)

One book I've kept over the years was written by Napoleon A Changnon called "Yanomamo: The Fierce People". He had particular issue with the missionaries getting in a huff about "chewing tobacco . . .taking extra wives, or most annoyingly, insufflating their hallucinogens and chanting to their hekura spirits." (pg.206)

Do you know what it means "insufflating their hallucinogens"? They take a long hollow pole, one guy, with all his might, blows the hallucinogens into the nostril of the other. Yeah, fun stuff. Changnon wrote of his experience insufflating some hallucinogens and he says "I called out to Ferefereriwa and Periboriwa, hot and meat hungry hekura, and asked them to come into my chest and dwell within me."(pg.208)

Changnon concedes that a few of the missionaries "were downright humane-given their ultimate goal of destroying Yanomamo religion." --yeah, that enslavement to darkness . . .

Years later, this book came out "Spirit of the Rainforest: A Yanomamo Shaman's Story" by Mark Andrew Ritchie. Mark wrote down the story dictated to him by "Jungleman" a powerful shamen that converted, and - wouldn't you know - be of the people that Changnon worked with. How interesting to read Jungleman's side of the story.

One thing that I found interesting in both this book and in the book "Growing up Yanomamo" by Michael Dawson is that whenever worship and praise was played/sung all the hekura fled, wouldn't come near, and it was a particular peeve of the shamens.

So - today, I'm going to have praise and worship going just in case there are any hekura hanging about . . . .

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Grandma "Whew, I'm pooped!"

2 year old son "You are poop?" (very sincerely)


"Did you go poop?"

I can just hear his brain trying to compute . . .

"Little poop?"


"Big poop?"
"No, it just means I'm tired."

I'm busting up overhearing this, and am surprised that Grandma must be too pooped to find this funny!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Somebody clue me in here . . .

Maybe I've been an ostrich of late, but we've had two separate inquiries to our safety in regard to all the violence that has been happening in Mexico . . .

um . . .

What are they talking about? Tell me, what's on your news?

I seriously know nothing . . .

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My walk

My Walk Monday

So, I just finished reading a fun and easy book called "Growing Up Yanomamo" by Mike Dawson.

1 of 10 children this missionary couple had, Mike was born and raised with the Yanomamo.

It was a book lent to me, so I have already returned it . . and for that I am sorry. I am sorry I can not quote you some of the book here *sigh* because although it was fun to read of hunting monkeys and wild boar, getting stupidly close to anacondas, and him holding his breath while a jaguar hunted him, I was mostly touched by how in tune the yanomami where to the spiritual world.

All this world will pass away, it is mortal. My body, my flesh, my things, the items that seem so permanent to me, like the sun, the universe, and even time itself ,will all pass away. Yet our souls remain, God is the great I AM and that means never changing . . the spirit world is eternal. So in essence it is the more "real" of the two worlds and we are . . . a puff of smoke, a flash of light.
Why then do so many deny the existence, and workings of the spiritual or that it surrounds us? Hmm? Because we can't see it? Like the baby before it gets the idea of permanence goes through that stage where if he can't see the thing, then it just ceases to exist. It is a belief that is both dangerous and stupid.

In Spanish there are two verbs: ser and estar. If you use the babel fish translators they will give you "to be" for both of them. But one is used for something that does not change, and another for something that may.

'To be' or not 'to be'?

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Anyways - ser is the not-changing verb of 'to be', "I am a woman." would be translated with the ser verb. "Yo soy una mujer." Even if I had serious surgery, my chromosomes would give me away; I am a woman and that won't change. But if I were to say - "I am tired." I would use the estar verb "Estoy cansada." Because that will change (soon, hopefully, please) . . .

God's I AM never changes, never has, never will. He is the Great YO SOY!

How can I, changing from one nano-second to the next, think of my existence here as more "real"?

Back to the book, these yanomami were sitting around the fire with Mike when they asked him what was so different about the white man and them so that if the white man wants to be covered from the bugs, he goes out and makes clothes. If he wants to cross the ocean he makes a boat and does so. And if he wants to, he goes builds a ship and walks on the moon. What is the difference?

Unable to quote from the book I will paraphrase here: Mike couldn't respond and the talk around the campfire grew silent as they pondered this until one of the yanomami spoke up and said he knew! See, Mike's forefathers served the Creator God, and He is the giver of wisdom and so the descendents have been blessed . . where as the yanomami forefathers serve Satan and have been enslaved by him and his spirits and, therefore, kept in darkness.

Could you just chew on that for a moment.
This is getting long - so I'll continue next Monday . . . .

Saturday, May 31, 2008

On Fridays

Every Friday morning we gather to dissect and interpret the worship songs for Sunday.

Many years ago, when I graduated from college and then packed up and went to volunteer at Rancho Sordo Mudo I didn't know any sign. This was in 1997. I just went willing. They had so little staff at that time that they were grateful for any help they could get. I took one summer community ed class and learned the ABC's. That was it, from there it was the learning from the School of Sink o' Swim.

And if I could, I would love to study-you know - get certified - but I'm on a different path now, so we meet with our deaf pastor Carlos and go through how to sign the songs for clarity, so that the deaf congregation can understand and appreciate the worship.

It's a wonderful practice of thinking outside the box and after each session I am usually strangely stimulated and exhausted at the same time. My mantra is "think beyond the words" . . . meaning, meaning, meaning, . . .

For example:

We have come to a consensus that when the song speaks of not turning back, or falling away we will use a sign that means "united" linking your thumb and pointer fingers together then breaking them away while shaking our head "no". . .

There is a whole song that speaks of hearing the rain and the sounds of nature - so we switch it to seeing the rain and the like.

Yeah, so when I'm posting all these videos of people signing songs, it's typically not a word for word translation. I'm constantly learning. I love it, and I hungrily watch and pick up stuff all the time.

One more interesting aspect is that you can do a song well yet differently - for example this song "The End of the Beginning" was signed by this fellow and this couple. Both songs are done well, and are clear, pure preference would say that one is done better than the other.

Oh, and you do need to know your audience when thinking through these translations. Thinking about if they understand the symbolism involved when speaking about the Holy Spirit in terms of "rain", "fire", or when speaking of "the price that was paid", and "Your reign in me" . . . yup.

So, there you go.

That's my Friday. How was yours?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

End of the Beginning

yeah yeah . . I know what you all are thinking . . another signed song!
What can I say. It's close to my heart.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Because it's true

JulieMom has gone and hit the nail on the head AGAIN!

I have decided to make a list of things that will show you (in case you didn't already know this about yourself) that you are indeed a Mom.

You Know You're A Mom If:
1. You leave the house without brushing your teeth. And it's not because you are a scungy person, or you enjoy doling out a good dose of halitosis to the world, it's simply because you're a Mom, and you're busy. Things like teeth brushing are for people who only take care of themselves.

2. You don't shower every day. Or every other day. In fact, you may only get to shower once a week. Or once a month. It all depends on how demanding your kids are, and how many you have. Even though you know smelly gym sock meets greasy dinner is not your husband's romantical scent of choice, you have mastered all the tricks possible to get the most mileage out of your un-showered hair without looking too horrid.

3. There are Little People That Follow You Around and Need Stuff. And unless your name is Dorothy and you live in Kansas, those aren't munchkins. They are your kids. And they will live in your house until they are eighteen. Unless they are boys without ambition. Then they will live in your house eating your food and playing video games until you can either trick some unsuspecting woman into marrying them, or you move away without leaving a forwarding address.

4. You Spend Three Hours a Day At the Sink. If you're a real Mom who cooks real food for the family, then chances are you spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of your kitchen sink. You are either washing you hands, washing vegetables, washing dishes, soaking dishes, soaking laundry, filling pots with water to do the cooking, or filling up the water filter pitcher. If you're lucky you have a window facing the street so you can spy on your neighbors. Yeah, sink times are good times.

5. You Look at the Washer With Contempt. Not because it has personally assaulted you, but because it exists. And it means you have experience with its use. You spend almost as much time with the washer as you do the kitchen sink. It's hard to balance your attention so the other appliances don't get jealous, but that's why you have midnight ice cream snacks. Gotta fit quality time with the fridge in somewhere.

6. Your Alarm Clock Whispers "Mom, I'm Hungry". If you sleep past the crack of dawn, chances are your alarm clock will come in the form of a smallish-type person whispering directly into your nostrils with their stinky morning breath that they are hungry. Of course the sun isn't up yet, but their tummy is. And it is beckoning you to the kitchen. My advice? Buy some cereal bars and keep them on a low shelf in the pantry.

7. You Repeat Yourself Hundreds of Times a Day. Well, the chances of you being a wife and experiencing this are pretty high too, but with kids it's exponentially worse. The Little People seem to think you do this because you enjoy it, but you know it's because every little person is practically deaf until the age of eighteen, or until they have a special person they are dating. Then they are totally Deaf to you and can only hear the special person's voice. Until they get married. Then they go completely deaf on all counts.

8. You Forgo Sleep to Make Cookies. If your kids attend public school, chances are there's a holiday or party at least once a month that your child will volunteer you to make cookies for. And they will neglect to tell you until after you assume they've been asleep for at least two hours. Then they will walk into the living room all sleepy and rubbing their eyes and mention the party to you, and that you need to have five dozen cookies ready. For tomorrow. At seven in the morning. You kiss them, send them back to bed, and walk to the sink.

9. You Know Instinctively That Mopping the Floor Causes Spills. Of course this hasn't been scientifically proven, but my floor has proven it countless times. It's the same phenomenon that when you wash the car it rains. It's just the law of the universe. After you mop all the floors to shining perfection, one or more of the members in your household will spill something sticky and sweet on it. Then they will fall in it and drag others down with them. So you strip them, send them to their rooms to change, and walk to the sink for a little quality time.

Monday, May 26, 2008

My walk

This is my first post of this meme. I'm excited.

I was reading in Isaiah 15-16

Now, I am not a biblical scholar. I've never been to seminary, and I don't have the bible in the Greek translation. I just read it. I depend on the Holy Spirit to teach me and I might pick up a study here and there for more depth and history, but for the most part I usually have laundry that I need to hang up and put away.

So, follow me on this . . .

The people of Moab come from an ugly act of incest (Genesis 19:36-38) and remember the story of the talking donkey? That was the king and princes of Moab who were afraid of the Israelites so were asking Balaam to curse them. (Numbers 22)

Then, right there in this story Balaam says:

"I see him, but not now;
I behold him, but not near.
A star will come out of Jacob;
a scepter will rise out of Israel."
(Numbers 22:17)

A foretelling of Christ.

And now when I'm reading Isaiah talking about Moab, I find this:

"In love a throne will be established;
in faithfulness a man will sit on it—
one from the house of David—
one who in judging seeks justice
and speeds the cause of righteousness."

Isaiah 16:5

Another foretelling of Christ. Random?

Yeah - I've learned God seldom, if ever, is random.

Why here? Why now? Why again when we are talking about Moab do we hear about Jesus?

Because of Ruth, who will be the great grandmother to King David - the line that Jesus comes from? (Ruth 1, 4)

See, now that, to me, is just plain cool.

"O LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago"

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Heaven, I'm in heaven . . .

"You! Go get your teeth brushed, and
You! no, no more chocolate milk . . ."
"Hello? Bueno?" This is how I typically answer the phone here in our home.
"Hello, Michelle? This is Karen." she's a fellow missionary from a different ministry here in Ensenada. She and her husband were directors of an orphanage as of late, but just recently were following God into new areas.

I just loaded up my two kids with Karen and her youngest two (she is a mother to 5) and she is taking them to a Carl's Jr (yes, in Mexico) with a massive play place. That was at 12:30 and she is bringing them back at 5pm.

So here I sit, just me and the baby. Baby is happy chowing down on cheerios and graham crackers. I'm having some flavorful Spanish rice and re fried beans topped with queso fresco and a glass of ice tea . . . I'm out of tortillas.

*shrug* Ni modo


Oh, and she dropped off dinner for me and the family, too!

Talk about blessing your socks off!

Speaking of blessing your socks off, I got to tell you about Heather's blessing!
Who is probably going about 21 different directions at once about now . . . !
If you don't know her (you really should) she is moving to Japan very soon with her family. She saw that in this interview I mentioned that I needed a lap top and so she offered me a Vaio computer that is very compact, albeit not a laptop, but smaller, newer, faster then the one I was using.

On Tuesday we were able to use this newer computer to do our deaf women's bible study via web cam! And I am having all sorts of fun downloading itunes and the such. Can you believe that my other computer didn't have room to allow me to do that?!?!?!? I am so tickled, just bursting with gratitude - so Heather, if you do stop by to give a read:

THANK YOU!!!! and mucho hugs your way, OK?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Now that he is 8 months old

This is the face my boy gave me all during lunch (note lunch on his face)

I was trying to teach him some sign. "More", "food", "please", "thank you" . . .
Yeah, and he pretty much just looked at me like that.
That look that says "I know your trying to tell me something. I know it!"
Or "Bless your heart."

So here is my molehill of a dilemma . . . to teach him baby sign in ASL (American Sign Language) or LSM (Lenguaje de Senas Mexicanas-that is Mexican Sign Language)

ASL/English is what we speak at home
LSM is what we speak and minister
ASL signs for those words mentioned above are all easier to do ("food" is
the same)
LSM would be recognized with the deaf outside of these 4 walls
unless we go to the states (which we do about once a week) and there he
would be able to communicate with the other mamas that are teaching their babies
sign . . .

So, what do you think?

Bell Atlantic 9-1-1 commercial c. 1989

Because baby sign is just so dawg-gone cute!

Friday, May 16, 2008

About Jason

For those of you who have been praying and following what has been going on with my cousin Jason, I just got this e-mail from his dad, my uncle:

We have been deeply moved with the care and concern that so many have poured our way after the accident 8 days ago.

Mostly we are just thrilled and grateful that Jason is no longer in jail.

There is yet to come a legal process, which can be both long and complicated.

But in the end it, worst case scenario, it means money, not jail time, unless something absolutely strange were to happen. It may also mean the loss of our pick up truck, mostly through a Catch 22 (veinte dos!). It would be great is this does not become a reality.

Many have inquired as to Jason's frame of mind, how has he is handling it.

Needless to say, being involved in someone's death takes its toll.

But the accident was caused by a dolly disconnecting from Jason's vehicle.

That dolly was attached by the man at the rental place; Jason had nothing to do with it.

We have also discovered that this was the third accident in one month caused by a dolly from the same rental place. Fortunately the other two accidents had less dire bottom lines.

But Jason knows that the loss of life was not caused by his negligence or lack of caution.

A pastor friend in Ensenada tells us that some of his youth know the family of the victim. They have been able to minister to the family. We are praying that this family meets Christ through their tragedy.

Thank you for praying. The struggle is not yet over.

Marcos and Veronica

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The post where I badly mix all sorts of idioms.

I mentioned in my interview over at A Cup of Joy how part of my day is to be prepared for interruptions.

Another part of that interview mentioned that one of our needs is a family van. Our own family mini-van a huffing and a puffing, with driving to and fro with a "I think I can, I think I can."

Well, today's interruption is helping my husband push the now kaput mini van to a spot, that should we be able to afford parts, he will see about making it run again.

Yesterday it puffed it's last and threw in the white flag.

I am thankful that it died under my husbands able hands instead of me with a load of kids.
I am thankful that we still have the slightly-running-better work truck of my husband's to get around.

But even so, I've got to go walk up the hill now to get my daughter from school. She gets out early today and that's a 25 minute walk with the other two kiddos along.

Ok, make that 30 minutes.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lost series - Star Wars

So, does anyone else see the similarity with Star Wars that is Lost?
Jack = Luke Skywalker
Kate = Princess Leah
Sawyer = Han Solo
Now just to find that Kate is Jack's sister. But I haven't seen any of season 4 yet - so go ahead and tell me if I'm WAY off . . .
I don't mind spoilers.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Is there a Star Wars fan in your home?

My husband, my brothers and now my son love a good Star Wars any time of day.

My son is 2.

He begs and begs for me to let him play with the Star Wars ship that sits high out of reach, and again and again I say:

"You have to wait until Daddy gets home and ask him, it's his toy."

We took one of those swimming noodles and cut it in half to make light sabers. (Wonderful idea, by the way since it is way cheap and last way long, and he can hit and be hit by his dad without any pain.)

And then I read in Wonder Time, one of my favor it parenting magazines so far, an article that sounded very familiar! Click Here to go read it.

"Laugh it up, fuzz ball!"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's mother's day in Mexico today!

Mexico celebrates it's mothers day on May 10th of every year regardless which day of the week it falls on. So in honor of the Mexican Mothers Day I post this funny. Cause all mothers need to smile more.


We had this great 10-year-old cat named Jack who just
recently died.

Jack was a great cat, and the kids would carry him around
and sit on him and nothing ever bothered him. He used to
hang out and nap all day long on the mat in our bathroom.

We have three kids, and at the time of this story, they were
4 years old, 3 years old, and 1 year old. The middle one is
Eli. Eli really loved Chapstick. LOVED it. He kept asking to
use my Chapstick and then would lose it. Finally one day I
showed him where in the bathroom I keep my Chapstick and
explained he could use it whenever he wanted to, but he
needed to put it right back in the drawer after he finished.

That year on Mother's Day, we were having the typical rush
around and try to get ready for church with everyone crying
and carrying on. My two boys were fighting over the toy in
the cereal box. I was trying to nurse my little one at the
same time I was putting on my make-up. Everything was a
mess, and everyone had long forgotten that this was a
wonderful day to honor me and the amazing job that is

We finally had the older one and the baby loaded in the car
and I was looking for Eli. I searched everywhere and I
finally went into the bathroom. There was Eli. He was
applying my Chapstick very carefully to Jack's ... rear end.
Eli looked right into my eyes and said, "Chapped." Now if
you have a cat, you know that he is right -- their little
bottoms do look pretty chapped. And, frankly, Jack didn't
seem to mind. The only question to ask at that point was
whether it was the FIRST time Eli had done that to the cat's
behind or the hundredth!?!

And THAT is my favorite Mother's Day moment ever because it
reminds us that no matter how hard we try to civilize these
glorious little creatures, there will always be that day
when you realize they've been using your Chapstick on the
cat's butt.

Received from Pastor Tim.

Brought to you by The Good, Clean Funnies List
A cheerful heart is good medicine... (Prov 17:22a)

The latest GCFL funny can always be found on the web at

Friday, May 09, 2008

Advice to New Mothers

New mothers; they wear sleep deprivation and unwashed hair like badges of honor. They are excited when their little bundle of joy has six wet diapers a day, and smiles at them. Remember these days Veteran Moms?I think it's time to share the advice I wish someone had given me before becoming a Mother. (Or shortly thereafter.) I hope this is helpful to some and that others will not look back in retrospect with regret. Trust me, these tips can apply to grandchildren, or neighborhood kids as well.

If there is something I missed, feel free to leave your own ideas in the comments.

1. Don't Get Comfortable Sitting. As every Veteran Mom knows, the minute you sit after a flurry of work which little eyes have taken in, someone will need something. I, therefore, recommend you master the elusive "counter lean" or the non-committal "wall slouch". Both of these are effective because they offer the benefit of semi-relaxation while keeping you upright. This will confuse your family, as they can only ask for things once you're sitting. You master these, and you're golden.

2. Learn to Fly Under the Radar. Few Moms know their children are born with a freaky sixth sense. They can calculate, to within a few nanoseconds, when their Mother wakes up. It is especially sensitive when you want to read your Bible or exercise. I have developed what I consider a fulll-proof plan. First, sleep on a cement floor without any blankets. This ensures no one will be tipped off by creaking or rustling. Secondly, as much as you may think it necessary, there can be absolutely no breathing. And for heaven's sake, don't even think about flushing the toilet.

3. Electrify Your Bathroom Door. If you're the kind of Mother who likes an uninterrupted shower, this little gem may come in handy. Have the navy seals come and install a special sensor. After you lock the door of your bathroom, it's automatically activated. Now anyone who touches it from the other side will receive a fairly sizable shock. You may also wish to have them install a decibel recognition system to prevent the children yelling to you from the other room.

4. Boiling Water is Your Friend. When your child asks to help you cook, say "Sure!" with confidence. Whip out a pot, fill halfway with water and set on a burner over high heat. (Even if you don't actually plan to use it for cooking.) Ask the child to let you know the minute it starts to boil. Set the child on the counter so it can't get away, then tend to the real cooking duties. The child may get bored and lose their desire to help rather quickly, which is exactly what you want.

5. Don't Teach Them To Speak English. Use the TV as a babysitter often. In fact, don't even speak directly to your child. Ever. Just make sure you sit them in front of foreign language programming. Preferably a language that you don't speak, such as Russian or Farsi. Or that clicking African language. Yes, the satellite dish is a bit of an investment, but with all the money you save by not owning a real bed or having to wash sheets, you can afford it. Think of it as early missionary training for them.

6. Have A Wax Replica of Yourself Made. This way you can take naps or read for extended periods of time under the radar. Make sure the wax figure is pose-able, and can execute the "counter lean" or "wall slouch" effectively. The last thing you need is for 'you' to fall over and have the neighbors hear your child yelling like a crazed maniac in some foreign language because 'Mom' fell over and is unresponsive. Let me also recommend having a voice recording installed that activates on 'unexpected fall'. It should be recorded in your child's chosen language, sound like a hyped-up aerobics instructor, and only ask: "Ok! Who wants to help boil water?!?" Your child should respond by staying quiet and slowly backing away. They may even retreat to a hide-out under their bed. This is good: you can then stash the wax figure away without their knowledge.

7. Employ A Foreign Spy Temporarily. Look on the web and find a foreign spy employment agency. It shouldn't be too hard. Hire one that speaks your child's language, and instruct them to covertly warn your child that 'they' are watching him/her, and if they want to have a positive future in the government of said country, the child cannot allow even a speck of dirt to infiltrate the house. Let them know in no uncertain terms that it is their duty to their countrymen to keep the house clean. Your house will remain spotless with no effort from you. This is especially effective if Russian is your child's language.Feel free to pass these tips onto any new Mother you know. They will be sure to thank you

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Based on actual events.

"There's nothing to do. I wish we had something to do. We don't have anything to do. What should we do?"

"I know, lets play a game!"

"Okay." "How do you play?"

"You just find a way to entertain yourselves for the next couple of hours or ELSE!"

"Um - maybe later. Bye!"

"I call it 'Who Wants to Live Until Dinnertime?'"

What kids pick up.

Brendas Blog from Paraguay had a post up about "when Thank You means No"
It spoke of the tenacious street vendors that come up to your car window to sell you stuff.

We've got our fair share here in Ensenada too. Especially at the Tijuana boarder. So many in fact that if someone is seen approaching the car window you hear a chorus of the two voices from my 4 year old and 2 year old:

"No gracias."

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cousin Update

My uncle writes:

I am so emotionally spent I find it hard to even sit down to write this email. But today it is only joyous news!

Jason was released last night, about 36 hours after the accident.

We had to put our house in hock to make it happen, but there were times when the clouds were so grey that it seemed like Jason might be put into the federal penitentiary, and that can be a hard place to get out of!

The case isn't over, but it seems the most difficult part is past.

There has been an amazing amazing amazing outpouring of love and support via emails.

A thoroughly amazing outpouring.

We thank you.

Many have asked about the finances. It is hard to say, but we calculate that the ordeal could end up costing $15-$20 thousand dollars. Most of it for funeral expenses, vehicle replacement, etc, for the family of the man who died. Theoretically there is some insurance coverage, but often that is just a runaround. Only because so many of you have asked, we will say that yes, if you would like to contribute for that, you can do it via a check to Olive Tree Ministry.

Olive Tree Ministry

Box 530099

San Diego, CA 92153-0099

Mention that the money for the accident expenses.


Come read my interview!

I invite you to hop over and read my interview on A Cup of Joy. :-)

Stuff Christian Like, the blog

I have been busting stitches here going through this blog Stuff Christian Like.
Julie, and Mr and Mrs Harmon, Sandie, I especially think you guys'll get a kick from it . . .
I can't remember who first turned me on to this blog but I do remember being told to start from the beginning . . .
I did and have enjoyed it ever so much . . .
Let me copy and paste #8

#8. Singing friends are friends forever at camp.
There used to be an unwritten rule when it came to the last night of any Christian event: you must sing Michael W. Smith's "Friends are friends forever."
For me, that meant a guy named Jaime would bust out the electric piano and belt out the song that had all of us a little teary eyed. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to all the new friends you'd made at Christian camp but would probably never see again.
Take us out with the chorus Michael. Send us home happy:
Though it's hard to let you go In the fathers hands we know That a lifetimes not too long to live as friends.