Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I am From

I am from the thunder storms and the lilacs.
The nectar from each small blossom is sweet.
From the green house in the city. A Pandora’s box
I am from lefse and quesadillas,
bad spellers and the gifted,
from Showalter and Alvarado.
Sticks and stones my break your bones,
but words can wound much deeper.
And bones heal.
I am from Christmas shoe boxes with toothpaste, mittens and Rose Art™ crayons.
From the Marie Sandvik center and the frowning old lady with the whistle around her neck.
I am from the HUGE snow piles on the outskirts of K-marts parking lots.
With John and Paul,
and I try to keep their hands warm by blowing on them while we wait for the bus.
I am from those that march to their own drummer.
I am from Conviction and Commitment; “Go into all the world” and the Great Commission.
I'm from Minnesota? California? Mexico?
I am from the North and the South.
(This poem is an inspired idea from here)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Virginia update 1/19/08

This is an e mail that was sent by Luke Everett Director of Rancho Sordo Mudo (where I worked for 8 years, and met my husband) Oh, and BTW, they have an upcoming documentary coming out about this place.

Dear Friends,

Virginia . . . had to go back to the hospital because of bed sores for
a few days.
We hope the bed sores will get better. Some good buddies were able to
get a real nice hospital bed with a pressure relief mattress, 2 nice wheels
chairs, and other needed items. She is still being fed through a stomach tube.

The biggest concern with her now is her immobility, at this time she
is almost like in a frozen position and can only move one hand, her eyes do
not move much either so you have to stand right in front of her to
sign. She responses with yes and no signs, but communication is very limited.
She needs a lot of physical therapy. She needs someone to come and
help care for her for a month or two. We were blessed that when Josefina got home from her brain surgery 5 years ago that God sent a young lady to help us
for 2 months and she was a big blessing. I am hoping the same will happen
to Virginia. She needs constant care and someone to help get her
moving. Carlos is doing his best caring for their 2 young children and
working with the deaf in Ensenada and helping his wife. I was able to get
a local physical therapist to go to their home 3 times a week and work with

Hopefully Carlos and Virginia's mother will be able to learn from the
therapist and keep working with her. I could not stress hard enough to
Carlos and his mother in law the importance of getting Virginia moving
again. She has been bedridden for over 6 weeks and her muscles
are atrophying. I am praying and hoping the therapist will be able to
help. Please pray with us, pray for Virginias recovery and mobility, it
hurts her when they try to move her arms and legs. Pray that God will send
someone to stay and help them for a month or two. Thank you for

Monday, January 21, 2008

Early this morning

Two year old crawls into my bed . . .



"Hold me slooooowly."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I walked by my daughter's bedroom.


I peek my head in "Yes?"

"I was just wondering."

"What were you just wondering?"

"Would you get me a dawly"

"A doll? Sure."

"Thanks, mom. Goodnight"

For your counting pleasure.

Mexican Sign Language

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm at the Suarez House.

Visiting Virginia . . . in her home!

As the Lord leads I arrive right when two men from Calvary Chapel Ensenada, the hearing church that our deaf congregation is a part of, showed up so I spend the first part of my visit interpreting.

It is amazing how the hearing portion of the church has surrounded and supported us them. These men are asking what can the congregation do - people will be sent over to give Virginia's mother (who has been mother keeping a diligent watch and care over her) a break. What supplies are needed? They'll see about getting them. There are three doctors from the congregation who are going to stop by and see about physical therapy and other needs . . . Hallelujah!

Virginia is doing better. But a long way to go. Her mother tells me that her bed sores are shrinking. It hurts her to move, but she bears it well.

When I got to walk into her small sunny her-mother-has-been-here-squeaky-clean room I see Virginia resting on her left side. She is dressed in a long sleeve colorful cotton shirt, and her hair is lovingly pulled back and in a braid.

Virginia is sleeping, her mouth loosely hanging open. But when we come I and touch her shoulder she wakes. One eye seems a bit lazy, and they don't find me right away - but when they do lock on to my face Virginia breaks into a huge smile and her body starts shaking. Is she laughing? Is she just really excited to see me?

All I know is that I almost start to cry.

Her right hand is cupped and all in all I'm reminded of someone who has suffered a stroke. Her left side not moving at all.

She is able to sign to us just a bit . . . "yes" (in Mexican Sing Language "yes" is just a movement of the pinky) and some letters.

With effort we see that she is making the letters "M" and "A" . . . my sign name.

I sign to her the plans of the church, I explain the men visitors, and then my own visit.
She smiles, she shakes . . . .

I sign to her . . . "I think you have lots to say in your head, but can't get out to your hands"

She signs "yes"

Later I bring in my soon-to-be 4 month old and hold him in her gaze.

Big Smile
Big Shakes

and she moves with a lot of effort . . . .struggling to bring her two fingers to her chin . . . doesn't quite reach her chin . . but I know what she is signing . . .

She is signing "cute"

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


It looks like the hospital is going to reliese her home Thursday or Friday!

There she can be cared for and surrounded by those she loves!!!!
This is so good!

How my day was made.

I'm in the kitchen doing something domestic . . . I forget what . . .. when my 4 year old comes in, wraps her arms around my legs and says:

"Mom, I'm so prowd of you!"


Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Update on Virginia:

Her husband when he went to see her she looked at him . . .

I mean LOOKED at him!!!

and with a bit of effort she did this:

Can you see it???

It's the "I love you" sign!!!!

Oh, we are far from "recovered" but it is a small step forward!!!!

Carlos told me this, and passed the picture on to me earlier today.

Then, just now he stopped by with his kids and asked if I could watch them 'cause he just got a text message from a friend that has been his contact with the hospital . . the text said that Virginia is going in for surgery.

That's all the text said- so you, me, and Carlos (at that time) all know the same thing.

Let me sum it up this way . . .

Praise God for the prayers he has answered today, and keep praying for Virginia and this surgery and for the bed sores she's developing.

Oh, and pray for me right now with this house full of 5 kids ages 6 and under. *sigh* I was already tired, but good thing is that I was making spaghetti!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bob Marley - I Can See Clearly Now

This is one of my "all time faves" and I'm in the mood for it cause it has been raining all day today. Not a common occurance here.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

My thankful list

Reasons it is good to be in Mexico when a mother of three kids under 5 years old:
(it all revolves around not having to pile kids in and out of the car)

  1. I don't have to ever pump my own gas - all the gas stations have attendants that do that for you, and for a 2 peso tip they will even wash your windshield for you.
  2. A 2 peso tip will get your groceries loaded into the car for you, help with lifting thing, the 5 gallon drinking water jugs carried for you and other such heavy lifting.
  3. a drive through "caja"as they are called to pay my phone bill, my water bill and soon - my electric bill. (yes, I can pay my phone bill on line, but haven't mastered the water and electric on line yet . . )
  4. There is a drive through coffee shop and
  5. drive through ice cream/pastries shop!!!

The kids get a cone after our errand running and I get a small individual size Oreo cheesecake . . . . YUM!

Ok, so I only did that once, but on that day, it was a GOOD day!


Update on my dear friend Virginia.

She got a feeding tub put in her nose today.

She's not out of the woods yet.

And I am working on the deaf women's retreat. I should be working with her and every moment, every decision that I'm making, and all the planning makes me miss her more.

She would be so glad to hear how well things are falling into place.

We have a guest speaker coming. Her name is Yamile Grey.

There is a good possibility that we will be having the retreat here!

Now to raise funds for a surprise for the ladies at the end of it, and air fare for our guest speaker. . .

Virginia needs to be a part of this.

Keep praying!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Some linky love

I was reading Planet Nomad and oh, let me quote her here:

"How on earth did I get a daughter who likes to sew, to knit, to crochet,
to make things? I absolutely hate doing crafts. The mere thought of scrap
booking makes me break out in hives. (Seriously, they’re not zits) I’ve learned to knit at least 5 different times, I add and drop stitches with wild abandon and have huge gaping holes in my handicrafts. Why on earth would someone want to do stuff like that when they could be reading?

Do you know where crafts come from? Satan. I’m not making that up. I’m
going to quote an actual verse here, from Genesis. “Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast.” Yep. THAT serpent, the one that tempted Eve. So I feel quite justified in my feelings"

I laugh because I am a non-crafty person myself. Not that I'd break
into hives. But I'd rather be reading too . . .

But really almost anytime I enjoy reading Planet Nomad. Go take a peek.