Saturday, November 01, 2008

En Espíritu y en Verdad

Have you heard worship songs in Spanish like this?:
It's a fine song, and I know it in English, but I haven't sung this in Mexico ever.

Well, from Lei's question in my comments, I realized two things - some of you really don't know how we worship here - passionately -

and often a song is originally an English song, but I only know it in Spanish. This is a song we often sign/sing on a Sunday. If this song is in English someone is going to have to tell me, because I only know it in Spanish.

Cuan hermoso How lovely
eres jesus are you Jesus
es tu poder is your power
fue tu cruz was your cross

La que me salvó, that which saved me me rescató; rescued me un momento ahí one moment there nos dio libertad gave us freedom (or "set us free").

cuan glorioso eres jesus how glorious you are Jesus
son tus palabras are your words
es tu amor is your love

con una corona de espinas with a crown of thorns
te hicistes you became
rey por siempre king for ever
con una corona de espinas with a crown of thorns
te hicistes you became
rey por siempre king forever

te doy gloria we give you gloria glory
te doy gloria we give you glory


Brittney Harmon said...

no idea... sorry. But I think I have heard it in spanish.

Gene Bach said...

Cool video. Hope things are going well for you folks down there. Looks like it's finally turning into winter here. Good, I was tired of summer.

Happy Mama said...

Wow sounds beautiful and vaguely familiar..Oh and stop by my blog I have something waiting for you!

Jan said...

I'm like you! Sometimes I have NO idea that the song exists in English, and I go to a little trip to the US and I'm surprised to hear it! Some of the songs are just better in Spanish, by the way. I like "Tomalo!" better. How about you?

Anonymous said...

This song is in English, that's the version I originally heard at a youth camp, but I can't seem to find who sings it!

Anonymous said...

The song "Te doy gloria" has benn translated in english. It appears on a cd called "Glory", from a guy named Klaus Kuehn. Here is his website :
Actually, the song has been written by a mexican pastor, Andrés Spyker.

Que le Seigneur vous bénisse abondamment

Alex, from Switzerland