Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Being lavoed

I woke up to this on my fridge.

My daughter did it - she has a heart about that big ~

I love her for it.

Still, it is bittersweet for me - because it shows dyslexia -

I believe dyslexia is in my family, and that I have it, even if we've never been tested for it.

It comes from my mothers side.  For one thing - we ALL can't spell.  I'm not the only one that struggles with left and right, and I know there are some that will get lost in a Wal-Mart.

This link has great information about the symptoms of dyslexia if you're interested.

My daughter has some very marked symptoms.

True to my nature, I'm reading several books about and from dyslexic authors and one in particular calls himself, not dyslexic but a "creative learner" . . .

'tant that the truth!  So, where it pulls at my heat strings to see "love" and "you" spelled incorrectly - I LOVE LOVE LOVE that she uses the  letters as adornment. . .

as it so happens I was watching some past scenes of America's Next Top Model and find a scene where one of the girls struggles with her dyslexia  . . . which I posted below.