Sunday, August 30, 2009

Starting a new bible study.

Boundaries; Chapter 1 & 2

A significant discovery I made this week with this reading is the idea of "spiritual" boundaries. I hadn't thought of those before - and I'm still trying to define those - and I'm finding that the whole idea of boundaries, as a whole, is kinda abstract . . . I ask you - what would you call/consider spiritual boundaries?

I found myself getting angry with the character Sherrie in the book because she constantly kept self doubting herself when her first instincts where right - but she did it with the idea that "a good christian would" . . . and those lead me to the questions I look forward to getting an answer - As christians - especially but definitely not limited to those in ministry - how does set a boundary to a legitimate need in the church body?

What are legitimate boundaries, and how do boundaries relate to submission are some questions I will be watching with some keen interest . . .

The book states that boundaries define us. I think of the phrase "poured out" because, like water, when a person is without boundaries (pouring himself out) - he/she is undefined - but boundaries is like a cup to that water giving it shape and definition, and making it much more useful and safe . . . . "that can increase your love and save your life"p.31

The book spoke of God having boundaries and at first it rubbed me the wrong way since I couldn't see God behind a boundary wall - but in regard to God having boundaries meaning definition then it fits. The whole bible is about defining Who God Is and who He isn't.

I think I will have an easier time relating to the idea of boundaries, not as walls and hedges, but in the sense of definition . . . like skin-

I'm looking forward to chapter 3 -

I welcome your thoughts . . .

A funny for Sunday

Something about Parenting posted this

Gotta love kids!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

That's good, right?

Every Friday I get together with our deaf Pastor and a co/worker to talk over ministry and discuss the worship songs we have and how to interpret them for our deaf congregation . . .

We meet at my friend/co-workers house and she lives in a gated community.

At the gate visitors are required to leave a form of I.D. in exchange for a visitor pass. It's a new policy - enforced by an older retiree-looking fellow . . .

Now here is where I let you in on a little known secret -

I have a pretty-good looking driver license picture. God was gracious that day . . . .

Anyway - so I pass this over and the man does a double take . . .

"This is you?!"

"Er-yes? He he . . ." *feeling rather like a cow now*

and after some more scrutiny "Oh, I see . . . you had red glasses there . . . " and he turns and passes me my visitor pass.

That was my first encounter, and I went home vowing to comb my hair-for-heaven-sake-at-least, among some other forgotten new years resolutions.

Following Fridays have been similar . . .

"Michelle, I remember you . . . "
"Michelle the lovely . . . are these your kids? They are as lovely as the mother"

with me responding similarly . . . "Oh thank you, hehehe . " and drive off.

I figure that while I'm doing my thing there for an hour or two he is looking at that rather flattering picture and associating it with some idealized persona of me . . .

Because that is NOT me on a daily basis . . . not even on Sunday. I'm wearing makeup for crying out loud! Anyone who knows me knows that makeup is one corner I cut EVERYDAY.

Driver's licence picture:

Me, right now:

And this is all rather very flattering . . .

or really really really REALLY sad . . . . :-)