Friday, June 20, 2008

Crazy Days!

Wednesday we left for the states to do some errands and doctors appointments and meetings and such. We also had to pick up some stuff for a group we've got coming down tomorrow. We got back home tired and late last night (Thursday) only to find that the refrigerator was left open a crack. The inside temperature registered a breezy 92degrees.


So, dealing with that (go ahead, use your imaginations, cause it was that bad) we both dropped into bed.

This morning I could barely get up. My hubby was delusional because he was rousing me with such motivational language as "Come on, get up, lets go do some pilates!"

But the baby was protesting the delay in breakfast so I kind of lugged lugged lugged over there and began our daily round of activities involved in dress and feed.

  • then Rita showed up with her two toddlers
  • I find out that our phone is getting no tone but we still have Internet. I call the phone company to get that addressed
  • and then Pastor Carlos came over with Yadira - both needed to talk to either my hubby or myself
  • Phone man shows up (amazingly fast for here!!!) and is buzzing around all this activity
  • we set up Yadira on web cam to talk to our friends and former missionaries who now live in Texas
  • Gaby shows up (Carlos sister)
  • I go pick up my daughter from school and come home to find out we have no water
  • I make lunch for all the small people in this house and Rita and myself, everyone else heads out - I guess the telephone guy too, cause I don't see him here anymore . . .and the phone is working
  • I take Rita and her family home - now it is just me and the kids again . . .

*Whew* I put on Cars for the kids and sit down on the couch and promptly fall asleep only to be awakened by baby reminding me that it is his turn to eat.

I'm going to go feed him now . . but I'm just wondering how I'm gonna get the last minute set up done for this group if my day continues much more like it has?

It's 95 degrees as I type, and we all need a shower . . . .pray for that water folks!

It's not a bad day, just a crazy one . . .and here I was hoping to linger here at blogging and visit some blogging friends . . .

A shout out to you all anyway!!!



dskblawrence said...

I can only pray that in the midst of this crazy day, you had enough water for a good cup of coffee. See you soon!

MoziEsmé said...

Phone fixed the same day you called? Amazing!

Here's to getting everything done that absolutely needs to be done!

JulieMom said...

Busy!! Hope you had time later for a cold shower. Nothin' worse than going to bed stinky. :0)

Cmommy said...

Bless your heart! I would be hiding in the bathroom. :-)

kailani said...

I hope you get everything done and the weather cools a bit. 95 degrees? Yikes!