Thursday, November 06, 2008

Random FYI meme

A Cup of Joy tagged me. I've done this one before, but since there are oh-so-many random things about me it's an easy one to do again! *smile*

Random FYI:
1) I *heart* cryptograms, but they are kinda hard to find.
2) I love Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe . . . oh my word that fellow can make me laugh!

3) I always thought that the reason I did not get the roll of Annie in the Movie Annie was cause we never made it to the casting call.
4) Unfortunately, my singing style/talent has been described as "lounge singer", not necessarily the good kind. Yes, I am the bad loud singer at church. Don't stare, it's rude, I'm not stopping.
5) My mother still tells people that I'm fluent in French, even though I have explained on numerous occasions that I took French for a couple of semesters, that is a far cry from being fluent.
6) Yo NO quiero Taco Bell. Nunca, jamas, por nada . . . .guacala!

Those I tagged: Brittney and Singalullaby and YOU!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I just happen to be at the hotel where I can upload that video -- HOOT!!! My favorite line: "That's not mud. That's not mud, Don!" I still have tears in my eyes. Thanks! I needed that!!!

Tampoco no lo quiero el Taco Bell. ;^)

Feliz dia, hermana mia!!!