Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What God has in store

As most of you know, my husband is on peritoneal dialysis. His kidney's failed about 3 years ago. We have praised our Lord for peritoneal dialysis because it allowed us to continue to serve here in Mexico.

But now we need prayers for clear vision, since my hubby's numbers are not so hot (to put it mildly), the doctors threatens that he may need to go back to hemodialysis. That would be 3 times a week and a full days worth of recovery, since it wipes him out. Also, it's painful for my needle-phobe hubby.

Admittedly, Hubby could do a whole lot better if he just took all his meds and ate right, so now he is really really trying, but it is his weak spot-that's for sure- and all my loving nagging wouldn't help one bit.
As it is, the doctors want to see him twice a week to give him shots to boost his red blood cells, since they are particularily low. This makes him animic, which makes him easily tired.

This has the potential to change things

a lot of things

So the prayer request is this: ". . . asking God to fill [us] with the knowledge of his will. . ." Col 1:9

Monday, November 19, 2007

And all that jazz . . .

So, my hubby and I were talking about the job distribution in regard to the dishes.
You see, we don't have a dish washer . . .

Oh, wait, I'm wrong, we do. . . but it is on the porch without a "shell", or outer covering.
We got it for $40! . . .About a year ago.

Meanwhile, while we wait for hubby to install it, we've been washing the dishes by hand.

Lately I've been so busy I've allowed the dishes to pile up for three days, which is ugly business, really . . . but I just haven't had time (hence not blogging much either).

So, in regard to the dishes I asked if he could help, and he said, "I do half of the dishes already!"
"Yeah, I put them away."


OK . . *whew* Now I long ago I promised myself that I wouldn't start a blog by apologizing for not writing, so this isn't an apology, but I do find that I have to give myself a break . . .

I have to remind myself that I am still in the newborn stage with the little one just turning 2 months, and that I get a lot more done now than I did with my first newborn.

I have to remind myself that I am still running around interpreting, and doing bible studies for the deaf ladies and trying to correspond with our supporters and such ministry business obligations as required (that don't stop just cause I have a newborn) and thats a lot!

I do think I broke my toe on Saturday, still did interpreting on Sunday, and haven't had time to go to the doctors . . won't have time until maybe next week.

The house is a far cry from "clean" and I am anticipating the arrival of two precious aunts from Minnesota tomorrow for a week stay, and then am hosting a Thanksgiving here on Wednesday, where my two brothers and a significant other are coming.

Still have a cough, as does the hubby, and two of the three kids.

So I here by permit myself NOT to stress the visit.
Not to stress the lack of time to visit my bloggity friends (although I do miss you all like crazy)
I'm giving myself a break!
And if I have to blog while nursing a baby at the breast, so be it.
That's what boppy's are for right?

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Friday, November 09, 2007

An emphasis on missions

This month is full of birthdays, and holiday celebrations and Mes de Missiones . . . a.k.a. missions month . . .

It's the one month a year that my uncle's church gets all dressed up like some foreign place and has missionaries from all over come and motivate the people of Latin America to get up and GO!

There are dances and songs, worship and all sorts of stuff. It's every Saturday and Sunday and hundreds of people attend. Hopefully they all go away challenged to spread the Good News!

The theme this year is H2O, bringing cool waters to a thirsty land. It opened with FIRE! I remember driving up to the church wondering why there was a firetruck out front.

Inside the place is decked out like Africa with thatched walls and dried trees all about the walls along with all sorts of African artifacts . . . .

Ah, and then it started . . . the lights were completely put out and the doors shut. . .

And we saw FIRE!

Both Saturday and Sunday these young men in loin cloths lite their batons and do a "Africa in flames" dance to drumming . . .

It was hard for me to watch as they leaped and tossed those fiery sticks . . they really were close to those DRY thatched huts . . . scary.

Yet that wasn't the highlight of the evenings. Instead it was the speaker that we call Melo, who is a most unassuming bible smuggler who's faith in God to get him through and keep him safe is entirely humbling.

Then he gave his invitation . . anyone feeling like they wanted to join him on his next bible smuggling trip could if they met with four small requirements:

a) they raise a little under $2000 for plane tickets

b) they have the blessing of their pastor and if minors, permission of their parents

c) they be willing to risk 8 years in a middle eastern prison or

d) their life

Not much.

His motto . . . . "Hasta la muerte"

"To the death."

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Birthday Pictures!

My 4 year mom-aversary.

Yeah, she's 4 and we threw a party . . . but relatively to the culture of jump houses and pinatas it was pretty low key.

Still it was really fun!
LOTS of sugar all around and friends to boot.
A success!

A birthday video

Just for fun. My deaf friend Virginia is taking the video and the little girl with dark hair is her daughter, great friends with mine. The only voices you hear belong to my family . . . LOL!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Starbuks in Ensenada

Well, in regard to this post, about Starbucks in Ensenada, my friend Virginia and I went, with 5 kids between us, and had a latte.

For a double shot soy latte (my drink of choice) it was 39 pesos . . that's about $3.50 . . . mas o menos.

And the taste was comparable to state side Starbucks, and the decor igual (that means "the same") . . .

I'm happy.

I've been found out!

Delighted I am to have been 'discovered' by my cousin Sandy -
I can't put my finger on it but something really resonates in me with her . . . (YOU, SANDY, ARE A DELIGHT!, did you know that?)
Anyway I am thrilled to find her a new blogger at:
Her sense of humor just floors me too . . . Entropy is the name of her dog.
One of the ideas involved in the concept of entropy is that nature tends to go from order to disorder.
Perfect dog name.
So I'm sending some linky love her way, say Hi for me if you stop by.