Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The one about prayer

Plank Pulling Thursday - I was going to do this last week.  Didn't get around to it and then Jessica posts *This* last week.

So - I'm gonna go with it.

I don't habitually pray before I eat.

There - I said it. I'm in ministry, I teach Bible studies, I take God VERY seriously and it is usually my hubby that walks in and asks "Did anyone pray?" While I mummble and swallow and  clasp my hands together.

I'd like my kids to give thanks before they eat.  I do think there is Biblical precedence for it . . .

I just don't follow through.

I take my relationship with Jesus very personal, it's not a religion for me - it's a relationship, and I think there is a fine line between familiarity and disrespect.

But really - does that mar my christian report card?  Does it? Really?

I might argue that saying thanks before we eat can get legalistic  . . . oooohhh and "legalistic" is bad in all christian-ese.

I mean, God and I talk all the time!  There has been more than one prayer that started in my heart and my first words where "I Know!" because God was giving me a spiritual nudge. And I will just start talking to Him.   My Abba, Father.

But consider - God is my Abba, and KING.  So, like - say the president's kids, there is a time for intimacy and yet also to remember their fathers position and the respect that is to be show to that.
Granted, I lean towards the intimacy.   Like the intimacy I have with the kids at my table.

And when they leave the table I do insist that they do two things - take the plate to the sink, and say "Thank you for the food" to whomever prepared that meal.

I guess I could see how God just wants the same consideration from me.


I wonder, then, what the "take your plate to the sink" equivalent is?

Monday, August 29, 2011


Today, I found these popsicles in the freezer.  So *that's* where the spoons went!  
My 6 year old did it.

And I love that he had the independent gumption to do so!

Now, I love babies.  More, in fact, than I used to. 

But I am happy, happy, happy that my kids are just a little bigger now.
But not BIG.
Still small enough to be carried in after they fall asleep on the drive home.
Although the 7yr old is fastly approaching the time where I won't be able to, anymore.

But they are big enough to get themselves ready in the mornings, and big enough to make popsicles for themselves should they feel inclined.  And big enough to get a drink for themselves when thirsty.
Although, sometimes what they wear, use, drink can surprise/amuse you.

Like the cup I found with a straw in it.  

I remember seeing 3yr old with this drink.  I thought it was ice tea.
It was syrup.
Maple syrup.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dental Hygiene

Me to 6yr old: "you need to go brush your teeth when you're done with your lollipop because your teeth are red."
A little later he says "Hey MOM! Look! I'm brushing my teeth *WHITH* my lollipop!"


Sunday, August 21, 2011



I really like that word, ''dude", it fits so perfectly in so many situations.  It'll commiserate, express excitement, joy, defeat, be a greeting, and it is also the most non-committal "safe" word out there.

When first married I told my hubby that if he didn't agree with me about something, maybe he might be thinking I'm completely off my rocker - and he really just wanted to "fix" whatever problem I was having but I just needed him to listen he could safely say "Um, yeah." But "dude" is going to be my new replacement statement.

For example: 

"So, I just feel like it's all a big conspiracy man, and don't lick the stamps, OK? Because it's the Man's way of controlling population and I really care about you."


And what's more, "dude" if executed properly, can be left to be interpreted by the dude recipient to reflect any emotion or sentiment they need.  Nice.

So when you don't know what to say - just say "dude".  For me it is the verbal equivalent of Duck Tape.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm a Christian and I have tattoos

Bohemian Bowmans is having a *very interesting* talk over christians and tattoos! 

Here are two of mine.

It's a cat.  
*sigh* people ask me if it's a wolf.  
Wish it was so cool - it's just a picture I found in a coloring book.