Monday, December 28, 2009

It's freezing!

I used to wonder why people would send blankets to Mexico.

I don't wonder no mo'


I'm only partly jesting . . but just yesterday in the house after baking, my hubby told me that it was 45 degrees!

We can all see our cloudy breaths and we go to sleep and walk around the house with hats and multiple layers.

My hubby often choses to point out "see, aren't you glad your not in Minnesota right now?  We couldn't survive the cold!"

Yeah, but in Minnesota they use the radical technology called "INSULATION"!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mommy has been very naughty!

I have a 2 year old that will not eat any veggie of any kind.

So I got me a "Sneaky Chef" cookbook . . .

and this morning he had sweet potatoes

in his pancakes

and he just ate cauliflower

in his grilled cheese sandwich!

*delightfully wringing hands*


Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am generally a photogenic person.  This picture was specifically picked out to show a more "accurate" me.
I am a low maintenance mama.  I tend to keep hygienic - mostly.  But - you know, I do TRY sometimes - like Christmas parties, family gatherings . . .I might shave.

That reminded me - I think the reason why European women got in the habit of not shaving is because all those parts remained COVERED most of the year.  Also in the same vein it explains the excessive de-hairing that is so rampant in Brazil.

Back to the point.  Today was a running day since 6:30am.  I had to get up,  all 3 kids dressed, and spaghetti prepared for a classroom of 25 by 8am.  I was teachers helper in today's Christmas party.

For the love of humanity, I took a shower -
Only later in the day - as the mothers were arriving, all prim and lovely like their decked out kids, did I notice that I did absolutely NOTHING with my hair.  It wasn't even pulled back in a pony tail!  NO head band- Nothing!

Thankfully I did brush it - but beyond that I pretty much looking like the drab mama of the photo shown above.