Monday, May 05, 2008

Cousin Update

Jason is currently still at the scene of the accident, detained by the highway patrol. What we know of what happened:

Jason was pulling a trailer behind his car; the trailer broke loose on the Rosarito highway in the path of oncoming traffic. One oncoming car hit the trailer at very high speed, spun off the road, flipped, and that driver was killed instantly. Several other cars were also involved but sustained only minor or no injury.

Being involved in a car accident is considered a felony, and in cases where someone is injured or dies the offending party can at time be in jail up to 10 years.

Several friends are already at the scene, including our brother Oliver and his wife Gissel (my Uncle's assistant) who also happens to be a lawyer. She is working to resolve the situation and push paperwork as quickly as possible and with the best possible outcome. They have been able to speak to Jason, who is reportedly “fine, but shaken”. Other friends are organizing cash withdrawals and wire transfers to have bail ready when the time comes for that.

My uncle said this is the third instance of a death during his visits to the Huicholes in the Sierras of Mexico in the past several years so this battle is as much spiritual as it is legal and emotional.

It will most likely be several hours before we know what needs to be done to have Jason released. It doesn’t help that today is Cinco de Mayo, a national holiday, so the powers that be are not in their offices.

We expect Jason will have to remain under arrest for at least a night or two.

Please pray:

For Jason’s speedy release and the finances to make it happen
For the case to be moved to the city of Ensenada, where Gissel has more legal recourse (rather than Tijuana where they currently are)
For the family of the victim
For Jason, detained, and Rigel, waiting – and for the rest of us

We are thankful for Jason’s safety in all this, thank you for standing with us


MikeandCharlsie said...

Thanks for posting this, we certainly will be praying. We know how it can be in Mexico.

Jennifer said...

Your entire family is in my prayers.
Keep us updated.

Amanda said...

I really feel for your all, you must feel completely helpless. God IS in control (as you know). I'll be praying for you today and watching for updates.

Rebekah said...

Wow! Michelle, I'm praying for all involved. Please keep us updated so we know how to direct our prayers.

dskblawrence said...

we are praying.

JulieMom said...

So so so so sorry to hear. Keep me posted. I've got ya all before the throne.