Saturday, October 09, 2010

no privacy

 Being a mother of small kids I've lost the sense to close bathroom doors way before now . . . but this particular door just gives me more cause . . . We have a cool bathroom in our master bedroom - it's door is a sliding mirror door.  So when closed it looks like a closet - but the door sticks and is heavy to move.

I'm just making excuses for myself, I admit.

End result; I don't think there ever was a time our now 3year old wasn't able to come check on us at any time and just chat while we're doing our business . . . and we just don't care, as long as they don't.

I mean . . sometimes, I just would care for the sake of that poor nose . . .

Anyway - not remembering the particulars, I'm doing my business . . reading a magazine when said 3 yr old comes in wanting my attention for some particular thing . . .

"I'm busy now, I'll go when I'm done." I explain

This little negotiator gets reeeeeal close and looks me almost nose to nose - with his other hand on the flusher he flushes it without ever taking his eyes of mine and says

"You're all done now."