Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tell me why?

Why is it that of everything in the house - all the toys, all the books, all the harmless cups and bottles and such thing that are in a regular home - kids are going to play with the things that can KILL them?!?!?!

Ok, so perhaps I'm overreacting here, but I was just laying down for a rest.
I turn over, and hear a *CLUNK* . . .

"Oh yeah, that must have been my toiletries bag that I had at the foot of my bed."

I'm so tired that as soon as that thought registers it gets filed in the "not important now" file and I close my eyes again . .

Enter now my walking 1year old totteling about my room, checking in on mommy and I'm trying to ignore him, when I hear *rustle, rustle, rustle* and mommy senses start tingling . .

My thought process: "He's probably in the toiletries bag". . . I do a mental inventory of what's in their: tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, bottle of shampoo, deodorant . . . RAZOR!

Now I know, I NEED to get up and see what he's playing with - because you know he's not playing with the comb or brush . . .

The razor,

"Of course, the razor" *eye roll*


Well he pulled through unharmed. But that's more than I can say for my 3 year old.

This time my mommy senses gave me no warning when my little spider monkey came crying in the house saying he fell.

That is not uncommon, and I usually don't make a big deal about a fall, except when he showed me his owie it was a PUNCTURE WOUND!


He fell on something, but it was unwitnessed and the best I can gather from him it was some metal protrusion on the porch.

One cancelled game night, trip to the ER and 5 stitches later he is fine . . . as he stands on the top of the little tykes car for toddlers smiling at me . . .

Me? I think I need a drink!


Brittney Harmon said...

oh goodness... sounds exciting. WOW

MoziEsmé said...

Definitely exciting! My 1yo was caught shaving her cheek with toilet water recently - scary!

It seems no matter where I put stuff, there is always something that should be within reach within reach...

kailani said...

It's so scary to be a parent. You can totally baby-proof your home and they'll trip and hit the table.

Glad to hear everyone survived!

sarahgrace said...

"Would you like toy for your child?"
"Ya got anything sharp and dangerous?"

...or so it goes. I have sooo been there!
Glad everything is okay.

Corrine said...

i am not sure why they find the things they are not suppose too..maybe they come with danger sonars like we come with those "get your child" feelings...

Guinevere Meadow said...

They must have a radar built into them.

We've now learned that Lance can reach objects even when they're placed at the middle of our kitchen island. No more leaving knives on the cutting board for us!!

Katrina said...

oh yah... I hear you! I have three small boys and they've all had stitches... one of them twice!

First time here and I like your blog! : )