Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mark Gungor - Men's Brain Women's Brain - EXTENDED



Jaime said...

All right, now I obviously can't speak for his accuracy on the topic of "women's brains", but I'm not quite buying his theory on "men's brains".

He lost me when he started talking about the "empty box". If I had an empty box, I think I would make good use of it. Sounds very relaxing. But if I have one, I think I lost it.

I have another theory to explain why "What are you thinking about" may be an annoying question. It's my "bake-a-cake" theory.

When I'm thinking, it's like I have a cake in the oven (ok, 36,234 cakes, but let's keep the analogy simple!). To ask, out of the blue, "what are you thinking about", is like saying:

"Hey, you have a cake in the oven! Let's take it out, cut it open, try a few bites, and put it back in!"

No, let's let it finish baking first. At least, let's wait until it looks done, then we can test it.

Don't ask me what I'm thinking about. When I'm done, if it's relevant and important, I'll tell you then.

But trust me - I'm thinking about something.

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Hee hee... I liked Jaime's comment. Made me laugh in some parts. :)

This video reminds me of reading "Men are from Marsh, Women are from Venus"

Brittney Harmon said...

we miss you!