Thursday, October 30, 2008

Family Update!

Hubby has missed two days of dialysis because he's trying to fix the clutch in our "good" car (the 4 runner) and it's been slow. He says that he is almost done, but it's getting harder to breath since *oh by the way* his body can't get rid of excess water and it's building up around his lungs . . .

I'm back to needing a break. Since the last time I felt this way was about a month ago it seem that I needs a day off once a month or I start to lose it. Two days sound better.

Miss Intensity seems happier (mayhaps that cause Mom's been happier) and doing well at her new school. Her 5 year old birthday is coming up Nov 3rd. She's so excited. Even if Mom doesn't have time/money/energy to do anything.

Mr Middle Child is Prince Charming, and into Indiana Jones these days. We are a bit concerned, though, about him tying a jump rope around his body and swinging from the top bunk rail . . .DUDE!

Baby Child is one smart kid. Giving him commands like "go put that back" and he's doing it! He's giving open mouth face presses for kisses, and we've moved him into bed with Mr Middle Child - so we can get rid of the crib. WOO HOO!

We are about 40% unpacked, and the kids are still helping mom with the dishes *after every meal* except on days like today, where everyone was in bed by 6:30 and mom's to tired to do anything except blog.


Brittney Harmon said...

it was very informative, I'm glad you posted it in your blog. What is the water buildup in Lonnie's lungs from? *crazy*
those kid-os are soooo cute! Send them off to school and go lay down :o)

sandra said...

Michelle! I heard about this from my mom this afternoon. Been praying for you.

hyperactive lu said...

Those pics are great. Hope you get a break!