Monday, May 05, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

My Uncle Marcos and Aunt are on a mission trip with the Huichol Indians. My cousin, their son, Jason was in an accident early this morning (Monday). His wife and daughter Rigel and Abigail were not with him. He was driving along the highway pulling a trailer, the trailer disconnected, and the person in the car behind was killed.

This is a felony in Mexico; we are facing a very serious situation.

We need prayer. Please pray both for the family of the victim and for Jason's legal situation. He'll probably have to be in a Mexican jail at least a night or two, but in some cases like this a person can be in jail for 8-10 years.

Jason and Rigel are the group called "Hijos de Asaf", and have been working on their second CD's these last few weeks. This is from their first album "Mi Mundo es Muy Pequeno", a very mission focused album. That is Jason and his wife you hear singing.

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