Monday, May 05, 2008

Cousin Update

Pictured: Rigel and Jason and their daughter.

Jason's sister, my cousin who lives in Cairo, Egypt said she had just gotten done talking to Oli and Gissel. Oli was positive, things seem to be moving along and they are still hoping to get him out today.

Jason is not in a cell but locked in a room at the police station.

They've not allowed his wife Rigel to see him, but Gissel has, and they brought Jason food.

Jason's mom and dad have landed and are on their way, cutting short their trip to the Huichol Indians, and they should be arriving there now.

Everyone is hoping to get the paperwork done within the hour which will then hopefully allow them to post bail, he said it has all been going as smoothly as possible, under the circumstances.

Pray for Rigel, Jason's wife. She's pretty shook up they still haven't' allowed her to see Jason.

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Amanda said...

Thank you for the update, still praying that God will turn this situation around.