Tuesday, May 06, 2008


My uncle just texted me:

"Jason's out because Jesus is Great!"

No details yet, not sure what was done or how much was paid. They are all in the car together on their way home; euphoria does not lead to sharing of details.

It got really ugly around 2pm. The family's bulldog lawyers were trying to get Jason moved to the state penitentiary. There was a moment of panic, distress… it was difficult.

All is well for now.

There is still much to come. We don't know what the legal case will be, or when it will happen.

For now I think everyone will be glad to get some sleep in the own beds.

Thank you all who have been praying specifically for this! It's working so don't stop now! :-)


Jana said...

YAY!! What an answer to prayer! LOL - LOVE that video, BTW!

Amanda said...

Thats great news!! I was praying for the whole situation this morning Aussie time. Please tell your Uncle that I prayed specifically for him and his stress.

Cheryl said...

Oh, Michelle!
Praise God! I have been praying and will continue. Please keep us posted.

Jennifer said...

Praise God! I love the video. Just try to watch it without smiling.