Monday, May 05, 2008

Cousin Update

This just in:

The $5000-6000 bail fee were were expecting has become $18,000. They do not have that on hand at the moment so prospects don't look so good for Jason to go home tonight.

Also, since it is Mexico we aren't 100% sure that we'd really get it back once the court case is resolved. It is also a little iffy as to whether to pay that much at this moment in time, and they'd rather use a house title deed as collateral. This amount of course does not include bereavement, funeral costs, etc which may well be Jason's responsibility if it goes that way.

My uncle Marcos (Jason's dad), Rigel, Oli and Gissel are still there, they will spend the night where Jason is to try to make any progress before the next shift comes in order to try to avoid having to start the process over with a new set of guys in the morning.

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