Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cousin Update


Tuesday, 11.40 am

We need prayers redoubled for Jason. That he can out on bail & not go to the federal penitentiary. The family of the victim is pulling out all stops to make things as ugly as possible.

This is urgent.

My uncle is at the breaking point, having slept 1 hour last night and not much on the trip, he called his wife crying. Jason's sister, who is watching and doing what she can from Cairo, Egypt, told me that she that her mom (my aunt) called her in tears.

They are missing 1 piece of paper to use the deed as bail but they are getting red tape all over the place.

They have not seen Jason today and he has no idea what is happening outside.

Click here to visit my cousin's Christian group "Los Hijos De Asaf"'s myspace.


Jana said...

Michelle - I just caught up on your postings about your cousin . . I'm blown away by what is going on!! It is unbelievable. I will pray for Jason and your family (esp. his wife and daughter). As Christians, we know that God has a plan and my prayer will be that somehow, through all this craziness, God's glory will be revealed - especially to the family of the victim. Please continue to keep us posted.

kailani said...

I'm so sorry for your family. What a horrible accident that could have happened to anybody. Why are they making this so ugly?