Tuesday, May 09, 2006

You are a princess

Can't sleep, thinking about little princess who is sleeping . . . Well, like a baby. Plus as Kelly would understand, here in Ensenada where I'm living the water has been off since early Monday morning. I got one load of laundry done then *poof* nothing. I called the water company and they said that they didn't expect the water to be back on in our area until Wednesday! YUCK! Maybe it is not such a bad thing that we are going to be out and about tomorrow - um - today!

So my mind wanders. I was thinking about Beth Moore's talk about how little children know they are part of a kingdom, princesses and knights, seems innate to them. "Didn't you know?!"

My brother, who dates a lovely young lady that played the character belle at Disney, is a bit partial to "The Beauty and the Beast" then one day he is talking to a little girl about her t-shirt that had all the Disney princesses on it.

"Bet you can't guess which princess is my favorite!?" He asked her



Didn't you know?!


Yellow Mama said...


Your little girl is so cute. Hey, you can check this out, but one of my daughters used to be prone to urinary tract infections. I put her on cranberry capsules. They are just concentrate cranberry and it sure beats making them drink a bazillion gallons of juice. She may still need an antibiotic if she is running a temperature.

I agree with the princess thing. When my eldest was at home, we made her a crown to go on her wall. It has taken a few years, but I think she is beginning to understand she is royalty.


kellygirl said...

Oh..girlfriend...the whole water thing...yeah, that brings back memories. Memories I would just as soon like to forget. I feel for you also with the bladder infection situation. You may remember one of my girls going through the kidney infection and urinary tract infection. Yeah, cranbery, cranbery, cranberry, is the way to go. I even heard jamaica works too, but I'm not 100% on that. She's in our prayers. Matter of fact Ana was talking about her, and you your hubby today. Interesting.

I am reading and doing a womans group study at my church of the book, Captivating, it is by the same authors as, Wild at Heart (for men). And that is one thing that they were talking about, how every little girl longs to be a princess and treated as one and told she is a beautiful princess. And how we also as woman, have that same lomging inside us as well.

kellygirl said...

You were up quiet late...too. I have been doing alot of those late nighters. Or shall I say wee morningers? It catches up with you and bites you in the bottom. I hope you'll be able to catch up on your sleep.