Wednesday, May 10, 2006


*Arrgghh!!* Our house water is shut off AGAIN today! How fustrating! Got some laundry done, kids bathed and some dishes done before it went and that is a GOOD THING. I do dishes the old fashion way - by hand, not by choice. That and I also don't have a dryer and don't consider it special to hang laundry up on a line to dry.

I didn't get my shower in, and that makes me one smelly momma!

*sigh* oh well. At least we have wet wipes.


Texas Gal said...

I linked to you from A Stay at Home Mom blog. Isn't it encouraging to have other mom who we can relate to? Sometime it helps to know we aren't the only ones out there, and just knowing someone understands is a blessing. I have been to Moctezum, Mexico(hope I spelled that right) several times on Missions trip. My church then worked with Missionsary Bob Smith. Blessing to you on your many journeys. Bernadette

kellygirl said...

ok..wasn't it sopposed to be on again today?....I feel for you sister. I think you are allowed to drink two pots to keep you going...maybe? Yeah wet wipes are lifesavers! I'll be praying for your water, hey God answers all kinds of prayers. That reminds me, I watched Bruce Almighty the other was funny but it also had a thought provoking side to it that I didi not excpect from Jim Carrey. Have you seen it Michelle?

kellygirl said...
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