Thursday, May 11, 2006

Boogers happen

It started off innocently enough, little girl has big booger in her nose and mommy goes for it.

To get her cooperation I would say "Wow! You have a big booger, LOOK!" after I would get it, and YES I would show her, and then we would throw it in the trash.

The unintentional effect was that she would pull out a good one and say "Look mommy! Big booger!" But I took this as a good thing since I would then admire it and throw it in the trash.

You see, I know kids like to pick their nose, really who doesn't when you got a good crusty back there, we adults just use tissue, the pick and flick, or some other method of removal. And now with this system in place my little princess will holler out "Look mommy! Big booger" and either give it to me (yes, my hubby thinks this is SOOO GROSS!), or put it in the trash herself.

So, do you know what your kids do with their boogers?


kellygirl said...

Yeah...they eat um...yum!

Rachel said...

My 2 year old just began serious picking. At first he was wiping them on the wall beside his bed and then calling me to come get them. I told him to ask for tissue or get a tissue. So last night my hubby went to check on him in his bed and there was a line of toilet paper from the bathroom to his bed. He had gone to get tissue and drug it to his bed. Well at least he is trying!!