Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Surprise Dentist!

Well I said here that I was looking forward to having some time to myself in Barnes & Noble, with a starbucks coffee in hand! Nope - Early Monday morning I check our voice mail (I really need to do this more often!) but I found a message from my dentist saying that I had an appointment at 12pm that I COMPLETELY forgot about (not at all my usual). Must be mommy brain! Anyway - my couple of hours in the book store with coffee became a couple of hours in the dentist chair with drilling! UGH!

Mother's Day was fun. The picture is of Princess's uncle J, and she is NOT drinking a margaritta, it is daddy's lemonade! But if you look at the setting, it is outside, which is beautiful until something from the trees falls into your COFFEE!

Thought: wealth and fame are similar in that no matter what level of wealth you have there is another level to get to. Fame is much the same way in that everyone has a level of fame, but there is always someone more "famous" if you will. Is there "the richest person on earth" or is there "the most famous person on earth"?

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kellygirl said...

oh man...I am so sorry to hear that.What a bum deal. Well, hopefully you can work it out with hubby for a rain check. You think he'd be good for that? (fingers crossed)