Saturday, May 13, 2006

A baby shower, cactuses and sign

You know those moment where your doing something then something in your back goes "twaim". Had one carrying my little prince to bed for his nap this morning. Now my back hurts, but not enough to disable me, but enough to get me to suck air between my teeth every once and a move.
And I had a baby shower to go to where they wanted me to bring my two little ones. It is a school for the deaf that I worked at for 8 years before (and where) I met my husband. Most of the people at the shower were deaf, the mother-to-be herself is hard of hearing. Those that weren't deaf know sign except my own mother who tagged along.

My little princess had a fall and must have landed on a cactus of some sort since she came over to me arm out "oowy, mommy" with little thorns that looked like quills from a very small porcupine sticking out of it. Thankfully some friend interceded on my behalf since I had just put very tired little prince to nurse. I think we got all the thorns out.

When we are in a situation like that I find Princess will use the sign she knows. She spent the first year of her life with us at this school - it's a residential school - so she grew accustomed to people who didn't talk but with their hands. So when we went to Disneyland and she met the costumed characters like Chip and Dale, she tried signing to them. Pretty Funny!

My back? Feels OK when I sit down, it's movement that hurts or standing straight up. Good excuse to sit at the computer for a while!

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Virginia (Jenny) said...

My son once fell into a cactus and he had a bunch of little ones in his hand that we couldn't see. Doctor said to just give them a nice long warm bath and let their hands soak while playing. By the time he got out, the pores had all opened up and allowed the ouchies to fall out. It was so easy that way.