Saturday, May 06, 2006


I have decided that I won't fight the gray hairs or aging in general, but I do want my wrinkles to be in the right places. Mom always said that if you make that face it would get stuck like that, well, I'm smiling right now cause I want my wrinkles to stick there! I want crows feet! Deep ones! I do not want that puckered frown wrinkle lips. So, I'm smiling, I mean after all what kind of wrinkles do you want?

Oh, and princess is now using the "big potty"! PTL! They say that potty training is a right of passage for the parents as much as it is for the kids - well I think I need my merit badge or something!


Kelly said...

Yeah for Mommy! My girl who is an intsy bit younger than yours is still working onthe potty thang! She did some #'s today on the throne and she said oooh blood mommy! But after checking I told her it was ok. It was just bright pink from the food coloring in the cupcakes from her older sisiters B-day the day before! Oh the wonder and fun of food coloring!

Robin said...

The only thing I am "fighting" is my grey hair. I just get ms. clairol to fix me right up!