Sunday, May 21, 2006

Our worst (well, bad, anyway) nightmare!

If you saw this dog on the side of a busy highway would you stop to get it?
I wouldn't if I didn't know how precious and loved it is.

When I was pregnant with Princess one of the baby shower gifts I received
what this dog. It was the softest thing too. It has since morphed into
something that feels more like a used towel, and has been washed so many
times that it's care tag is shredded to nothing. I DO remember the tag
saying something like "wash surface only with damp cloth"

Yeah right! With kids who, in creative and imaginative ways, get all sort
of stuff (poop, pee, vomit, snot, urp, spit, etc.) on their favorite lovies,
our house rule is that if it doesn't survive the washer it wasn't meant to

So, driving down a highway that parallels the ocean, back from a busy day,
all of a sudden I hear "Uh-oh, dog-dog bye bye"

With her window down I just saw with mommy eyes what happened, so I do an
incredibly fast round about to see. . .

"Where's dog-dog?" I'm desperately searching her seat, below, behind her . .
. Nothing
"Dog-dog outside"
"where's dog-dog?!"
"Dog-dog all gone!, Dog-dog in da wader"

It was our worst nightmare (like I said, almost) because ever since it was
definite that she preferred this plain o'l brown dog to all others we said we
needed to find a second one in case she ever lost this one. But by that
time even the tag of where this dog was made was so washed out I couldn't
read it. We have searched and searched and have yet to find where this dog
came from or if there are more.

So what choice did we have but to drive in reverse on the highway for about
1/2 mile until we saw it, forlornly, laying on the road.
Later as we were driving along I hear from the back "I love you!"
*oh!* I was so touched! What gratitude!
"Big hug!" I hear from her, and I turn around to give her a squeeze and

Please, if you recognize this dog and where he came from we would be so
happy to know! And second I am curious - what lovies do your kids have? I
would love to hear about them.


BooMama said...

So sweet! We have a froggie and a monkey that are pretty much members of the family in our house...A. won't go to sleep without them.

Yellow Mama said...

My girls had several cloth dolls when they were young which needed constant washing. At some point they would smell horrible from the not so clean little hands or the nightly slobber or the times they would walk around with one arm in their mouth.

When I was a little girl, I had a bitsy doll. She was a 6 inch doll..hard plastic which spent most of her life naked. She had been exposed to my Saturday Hair Cutting Joint and looked rather BozoTheClownish with the hair cut off the top of her head and the sides bushy. One day my mother informed me she was going to throw bitsy away to which I responded..."Bear-y will climb in the trash can and get her out if you throw her away". Bitsy remained in my possession for many years and somehow disappeared one day...unnoticed!

Michelle said...

Dod-dog will probably be retired some day, if he isn't to stringy by then, and then I am hopeing to put dog-dog and my husbands favorit child's toy (also a dog) in a shadowbox, thats what they're called right?

theresa said...

My son, now 26 has a Duke's of Hazard car I got for him for his 2nd birthday. I distinctly remember waiting on line at the toy store to purchase it and a woman next to me said, "Oh, I bought the same car for my son a month ago and it's a piece of junk, it broke to pieces in a few days." Well, I bought it anyway because he just loved The Dukes of Hazard. And amazingly enough, he still has it, intact.

liz said...

Hi Michelle,
I bounced over from blog.

My 10 year old daughter got a pillow as a baby (we call "him" Po) and that was the exact same story with us having to go back several miles because we left "him" behind - ONCE.

She STILL loves this thing that looks like a rag - actually, it's pretty see-through - you would never guess it used to be a pillow - it's just a hollow shell now.

As I peek over at her right now, there "he" is, tickling her nose. I don't think she'll EVER outgrow "him".

My two boys have nay-nays (receiving blankets) that they "sniff". I learned to buy a BUNCH and rotate them, so no more issues with being attached to just the ONE.

Come by and
any time!

If you would like to be my Blog Buddy, please

liz said...

oh dang it! I must have left an open tag... sorry

Virginia (Jenny) said...

That story is so cute!! My two year old's is his knitted blanket. It HAS to be knitted. In fact, he claims any knitted blanket. So, I tell people not to get my other kids knitted blankets because Kyle claims them all. Now he walks around with 3 big knitted blankets even though it's a lot to carry and he sucks on his tongue. Funny!