Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What a weekend

I feel so blessed; we may be poor in the pocket, but we are rich in family! Both my brothers are in ministry. They have more talent with kids than I do by far, and they're not even parents!
My brother J stayed with us this weekend and it is always a delight to have him. He brings goodies! Not that we wouldn't love his visit anyway without goodies, but the goodies are REALLY APPRECIATED! I loved it when he worked at Starbucks 'cause he would bring down a pound of coffee beans or two each visit. This last time he came down he brought some milk chocolate covered mint oreo cookies. He asked me how I like them -I liked them- but they are not as good as the FUDGE covered mint oreos. My all time favorite store bought cookies.
He said I may be out of luck 'cause he LOOKED UP AND DOWN for those cookies and couldn't find them! He doesn't think they make them anymore.
Well, bless my heart, it really touched me that J took that effort to find my all time favorites. It really did.
Yesterday was my birthday so we went to the zoo. Just me, my kids, hubby and my mom. I really enjoy the zoo, I'm exhausted today, but really enjoyed the zoo. There is still chocolate cake in the fridge and for those of you that know I'm trying to lose some poundage, the chocolate is not helping! Yummy good! But not helping.

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BooMama said...

We love the zoo, too - just went today, in fact. So much fun. What a sweet brother you have - and yes, the fudge-covered oreos rock. :-)