Monday, May 08, 2006

But I don't feel like it.

Love is a choice. Joy is a choice, and so is peace. We love our husbands inspite of what we may be feeling for them at the time. We have joy inspite of what we may be going though - or in spite of what we are feeling, and peace is giving Jesus reign inspite of ourselves. Sum total for my life is that very little, very little in deed is done or not done because of how I feel about it.

My little prince has his first two teeth coming out now! That and he has figured out how to pull himself up to a standing position, crawl, and sit up all by himself. Seems like all this happened this last week. The consequence is that nap time for him is a battle cause he just pulls himself up and babbles. So after about 3 days of him missing his naps I finally just laid down with him this morning and voila! he sleeps, and so did I! Hey, I could get used to this!

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kellygirl said...

that is a sweet picture of your princess!