Friday, May 26, 2006

Challenges all around

It's hard to write on the computer with a fussy 9 month old. Yesterday he broke his 101-102 fever that he'd been struggling with SINCE SUNDAY, and now today, no fever, he is just . . . Well . . . a crybaby!
Here a cry- there a cry- everywhere a cry cry . . . Old mommy is going to the funny farm . . E. I. E. I. O . . .
But I look around my blog friends and see SEVERAL sisters seem to be having "ONE OF THOSE DAYS"
Dear Yellowmama I know why we women blog! It is like a whole bunch of us mamas relating, and using sentences that are not said with a sing song voice! But pretty much we can sum up bloggin in: I relate, yup, hmm, I relate . . .blog blog blog -comment; I relate. And if I can't relate, perhaps I can imagine!"
Can you relate to me? Can you imagine?! Does anyone know WHAT IS UP with my son?

And now I am going to tackle that mountain of dishes. (No dishwasher but me)

I told my hubby one day that a special day for me would be one where I didn't have to do the dishes.
He said - "Sure, ok, then don't do them today."
*Delight* pause *reality sets in*
"No" I say "I mean a special day is one where someone else does the dishes" not that they just pile up for me to do them all the next day.
and so ends my "special day"


kellygirl said...

Yeah...I think your little guy is going through growing pains. Unfortunatly it makes it a pain for mommy as well. Bummer, huh? What would we do without our mommy blog-net?

theresa said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me your tip on the book, I am definately going to get that book.

Stephanie said...

hey, thanks for the encouragement you left me on my blog. I really need it... :-)

I'm so grateful for my blogging friends to help encourage me. It helps to know I'm not the only one!

Hope your little guy comes out of the crabbiness...I think we ALL have our days!

BY THE WAY...I'm the dishwasher here too...I totally get how you're feeling about that too.


Michelle said...

It's Roseola, spots just came out now.*sigh*

kellygirl said... weird cause my littlest one just had a short thing with roseola. Your in Mexico I'm in Texas. Oh, yeah I guess it's one of those normal baby things. It is strange that mine just had it too. He'll most likely be through it quickly, if not then keep us posted.

Yellow Mama said...

Hey,Thank you so much for your prayers for Whitney. As a mother, you know how special it is to have someone else pray with you...Thank you.

I do remember what it is like to have a crying baby. I think my grey hairs multiplied during those times when I didn't get much sleep because the baby was sick. The next day you feel like burnt toast and a limp noodle all at the same time. I pray you get some rest tonight and little one sleeps "like a baby". As for the dishes...cereal is good..morning, noon and night. Fruit and whatever else you can get away with or have access to that doesn't have to be cooked least once a week so you can feel refreshed!. Smiles and Hugs...Cheryl

Mel said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by The Shrinking Mom. I'm adding you to my Bloglines account so I can check in with you. :)

owlhaven said...

Your funny hubby!


janice said...

blogging with little ones is definitely a chllenge. I am currently wriitn ghtis with a 4 yr old sitting on my lap - so please forgive the typos!

about the dishes - i understand!

want to join us in a new thing called Tackle It Tuesday? see my blog for details...

Virginia (Jenny) said...

My daughter has had fevers all day today also! I don't have a dishwasher either! Arrghh! I know how you feel. Man, I can't wait till my house is done being built and then I will have a dishwasher. I feel your pain.