Friday, May 19, 2006

Unusually busy days

In Ensenada, there are not a lot of resources for the deaf. No relay service and I don't know of anyone here that has a TTY, so almost daily now for about a week, someone will come over and ask me to make a phone call for them. I become their relay service. Most of the calls are to ask a business if they have a job opening and if they accept deaf. We get a lot of "no"s.
But yesterday there was a YES! So step two, today I am going with the young lady to help interpret while she applies for the job. Then tonight I will be interpreting for a church meeting of ministry leaders for Carlos who pastors the deaf, and is deaf himself.
It'll be a busy day today, thankfully both kids are sleeping !!!Its 8:37!!!! How did that happen? !! Oh yes, I remember, princess took off a poopy diaper in bed so we had one middle of the night bedding change, and then she couldn't get back to sleep without making sure we woke up a few more times . . . And little prince was up early this morning and he is actually on his first nap! So I get to write a quick HI! Now for my morning coffee -

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