Friday, April 27, 2007

Can you believe this!

Yesterday Yesenia was all alone with her three boys under 6 at their new home, a 25 acre camp site 2 miles from the famous San Miguel beach in Ensenada, Baja Californai Mexico. Not very far from us.

Yesenia and her family had just moved there to work with the groups and kinda guide this project, the project to build this Oasis.

"This project is currently being used to hold Christian camps for the orphanage
kids in Baja. In the future, a conference center will be built to hold Christian
conferences for youth, married couples, local churches and children. Eventually,
a Bible College will be built to train up students from all over the country of
Mexico to pastor churches and be the future leaders of Mexico."

It's in it's building stage, so there is no phone lines, and their cell phone doesn't get reception there.

So, imagine if you will her feeling when all of a sudden a vehicle with men with guns come crashing through her gate and busted open the door of her house!

They came in shouting at her to "Get down! Get down!" and asking "Where are the guns?"

"We don't have any guns, we are missionaries!"

Meanwhile she's praying for God's protection and trying to convince her 5 year old to STAY DOWN, and all he wants to do is see what is going on!

And she prayed her husband wouldn't come home just at this moment to walk into all this . . .realizing that she was alone with men with guns she then started to pray for protection over their bodies!

She tells me that the only time she wasn't praying for God's protection was when she was singing to her boys "Jesus Loves Me" so that they wouldn't be afraid.

They asked her a whole bunch of questions and searched the place. After a while . . when they found no guns . . .or it seems anything that interested them they told her that they would need to use her car and to hand over the keys . . .but don't worry she would get her car back. Apparently whomever smashed through the gate just dropped these guys off.

She told them that the keys where in her purse on the counter and they did take off in her car. And you know what?! They did bring the car back. Drove it up her driveway, left it open and without her keys.

And they did take anything either . . . . not her wallet, or anything else of value that was laying around . . .

None the less they spent that night at a friends house.

This has all been unnerving to say the least. Surreal was what I kept saying as she told me of the happenings.

Would you stay? Would you pack up and leave? Yesenia is from San Diego, her husband is a chemist . . they don't "need" to be here by any means . . they are just called..

We are going out there to visit them tomorrow. It is a visit we've had planned for over two weeks. I'll tell you more of how they feel about it then, but so far . . . they plan to stay.


Heather said...

horrifying. glad she (and the boys) are unhurt. praise God.

As far as the men coming back, they've already looked around and know there's nothing to take... they probably won't be back.

Connie said...

How scary! But WOW! What a testimony!!!

God is SO GOOD!


God works wonders and in mysterious ways. They are probably doing his work by staying. Glad they are all safe though.

MikeandCharlsie said...

Wow that is crazy. I am so glad they are safe! I am glad ya'll are going to visit them tomorrow, I know you will be a huge encouragement.

dennis said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing that. What a story!

HsKubes said...

Praise the Lord for their safety!

Suzanne said...

I just blogged on God's protection to those who have a heart for the weak and poor. He is always good. Thank you for following God's calling in your life.

blackpurl said...

Wow! I don't know what I would do... my prayers are with them!

Rebekah said...

What an awesome testimony of God's protection. My parents stayed as missionaries in El Salvador during the height of the civil war there. Everyone else told them to leave but they felt called to stay and God was able to used them in amazing ways. I say they need to follow God's calling as to which direction to take. But what a blessing that God protected them!

kellygirl said...

Oh Wow!! That is surreal! Let her know she is in our prayers. Well they must be doing something right. I am so glad to hear they are ok.

sarahgrace said...

With such horrifying opposition (from you know who) they must be in the right spot! I will pray for God's continued protection over them.

Stacie said...

How terrifying.