Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A prayer request

Virginia (pictured with her family here) was over yesterday with her kids.

Both she and her husband, Carlos, are deaf. Carlos is the pastor for our small deaf congregation here in Ensenada.
She did ask me to share a prayer request. A need the deaf congregation has.

They are in need of a camcorder.
Their thinking is that they could then record the Sunday sermons that Carlos teaches and the Wednesday bible studies and create a resource for the deaf here. Otherwise there is really nothing out there for them. And since most are barely literate, if at all, to study the bible by reading is almost impossible, and frustrating to say the least.
So that is the prayer request. It seems like such a big thing to ask for here, but we know that God is bigger.

(My little camera lets me take a minute or so video . . . thought you might like to have a look-see of something we'd love to have more of. . .)


sarahgrace said...

Absolutely, God is Bigger! I will be praying for you...and maybe seeing if I know of a someone with a camcorder they aren't using...

Yellow Mama said...

Would you do me a favor and write me an email about the ministry and the need. I haved a friend who has and extensive email ministry list in our area. She runs a storehouse...not literally, but a storehouse which connects needs with offers. I'll send her the information with my phone number and let's see what happens. If you will send me a mailing address and give me information on how articles need to be mailed, I'll include that as well...let me know. Also, if you are affiliated with any group, include that also...just to avoid the thousand questions which I know I'll get...blessings. cherylgo53@yahoo.com

Grandparents Corner said...

What an awesome ministry! I'll definitely be praying about the need for the camcorder. And may I make a suggestion? On pay pal you can create donation buttons. Why not pray about placing a donate button on your site and tell the story of what is needed. I would definitely give after hearing of the need, and I'm sure others would as well.

May God continue to bless your ministry, and I'll pray for your husband too. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog today. It meant alot.

Just Me said...

I'm hoping and praying the congregation will be able to have a camcorder.

That's very interesting to watch Carlos pray

I love the song that's playing on the video. Who are the singers here?

-- Dandelion Dust (formerly My Two Cents)

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Very, very cool. My daughter learned sign language with her best friend (who was home schooled so it counted as her foreign language) and they used to sign the worship songs. Its been awhile since I saw anyone doing sign language and it just touched me. I loved how many times he pointed up. Very cool. xoxo