Wednesday, April 18, 2007

For a drop of hot water!

Heather, you asked if we got gas yet in reference to this post.

Well, wouldn't you believe that we DID!, but it was late when we got it, so we went to bed all dreaming of hot showers in the morning . . .only to wake up to almost no water pressure as I filled the tub for the kids . . and by the time I had finished draining the tub to turn to take myself a lovely hot shower there was no water at all!

The water company said that it was repairs being done to the street and would be done by the afternoon, but as I write today we still have no water. And something in my kitchen is starting to stink like a dead mouse. It just might be a mouse, but I'm kinda thinking it's the dishes.

You know, life is never boring here.

*Update* I just stepped out of a hot shower! The water came on about 4:30am, and nothing sounded sweeter to me than the sound of the toilet tank filling up. Now, to attack those dishes!


Jane said...

Yep! Boring is never a word you can use in relation to missionary life! Hope all gets sorted and you are feeling better soon.

Heather said...

Praise God. I admit to reading that last post and thinking... Ach! No gas and TWO KIDS (not to metion pregers). That stituation would be my worst nightmare right now.

I'm so glad you named and claimed! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad it worked out. Whew!