Monday, April 02, 2007

55 things about Ensenada

The Poulette family did a "101 things about Mexico City" post of things they have learned since their time there. I'm plagiarizing the list, tweaking it to suit Ensenada and *voila!* I present to you . . .
55 things of Ensenada

  1. Speed bumps will take out the bottom of your mini-van
  2. You will get stood up. Bank on it.
  3. If you don’t know what it is, don’t eat it.
  4. Brain can be served in a tortilla.
  5. Stomach can be served in a tortilla.
  6. There are many different types of mole (a typical salsa). It takes a while to find one that you like.
  7. There is no Taco Bell.
  8. Motorcycles don’t have to stay in a lane.
  9. Car alarms are ignored. Always.
  10. You might see cows or horses on the freeways.
  11. Dog poop happens.
  12. Bus drivers are not afraid to hit you.
  13. If you get there on time, you’re early.
  14. The electricity can go out for no apparent reason.
  15. You can buy almost anything on the side of the road, or in the boarder line wait.
  16. Dogs are used as a house alarm.
  17. Dogs bark at all hours.
  18. There will be someone trying to give you a flyer at a signal light.
  19. Also at a signal light someone will put some chocolate bar or other goodies on your windshield, if you don't want to buy it then leave it, he'll get it before you drive off.
  20. Clowns juggle at intersections.
  21. Stores might be open at the time they say they are open, but probably not.
  22. Nobody will leave a message on your answering machine.
  23. Nothing ends on time.
  24. You can get knock offs of just about everything.
  25. There’s one gas company…government owned pemex…no competition there.
  26. They pump your gas for you, may even wash your windshield while they're at it.
  27. The gas guy for your house may try to rip you off.
  28. They paint lines on the street by hand.
  29. Movies are mostly in English with subtitles.
  30. If someone will be late or not show up to a meeting, they will probably not call you to tell you about it.
  31. There might be a pothole big enough to eat your car in your lane at any time.
  32. Don’t pronounce English words with an English accent or nobody will understand you. For example, you must pronounce “hot dog” with a Spanish accent.
  33. By the way, "awt doug"(a hot dog) is the full thing (dog, bun, ketchup, etc). A salchicha is just the hot dog and can be used as a pizza topping.
  34. If you buy a hot dog it will come with mayonnaise, diced tomatoes and perhaps a bacon piece wrapped around it.
  35. Ketchup goes on pizza, eggs, popcorn . . .
  36. A money loan to a friend should be seen as a gift.
  37. The word translated "right now" can mean anytime in the (maybe) future.
  38. 2nd street is for tourist shopping.
  39. If you need to change lanes, just stick your arm out the window (see the link in # 35)
  40. You can do just about anything in your car if you put on your flashers.
  41. Pretty much everyone has a cell phone. Even the deaf because of text messaging.
  42. If you call a cell phone, you pay for the call.
  43. Traffic roundabouts are dangerous. You could get stuck in one all day.
  44. In just about every parking lot, and in the boarder line wait, someone will ask you if you want your car washed, whether it needs it or not.
  45. I hope you like mayonnaise. It will be loaded on your sandwich.
  46. Uneven pavement is a fact of life.
  47. You can buy corn on the cob smothered with mayonnaise and chili powder.
  48. Popcorn at the movies must be accompanied by hot salsa and lime.
  49. The trunks of trees should be painted white…I think it has something to do with bugs.
  50. Babies should be covered all the way pretty much at all times. There is no such thing as "dressed to warm" for baby.
  51. Children are not allowed to drink cold drinks or they will get sick.
  52. And no one should step on cold floors, or jump in cold water on a hot day for the same reason.
  53. Baby car seats are optional.
  54. Coca Cola from a bottle goes great with tacos.


lauren said...

Thanks for bringing back memories of my summer in Culiacan. There are definite similarties! Oh, but no pork rinds with hot sauce? I really expected to see that one! Or candy shops set up inside living rooms? Helados in plastic baggies?

Mike said...

Ketsup in popcorn? Hmm. I should try that.


scribbit said...

My kids feel that way about ketchup too. On everything.

Cece said...

Great post! Since we were just there 3 weeks ago all this is still fresh in my mind!

Indiana Amy said...

What a fun list!

I do have to say, I'm a little grossed out by all the mayo though! :) And stomach on a tortilla...oh yum!

Take care,

Indiana Amy said...

Oh, and how in the world do you eat salsa on popcorn? Wouldn't that be really messy?

sarahgrace said...

So very interesting...
...and I know, in Phoenix, they paint the bottoms of fruit trees white too, and I was told it was so they stayed cool and didn't roast to death... (but don't quote me on that one...)

Just Me said...

Aw, wonderful memories of Mexico!
I can relate to most of these... I remember all the tree trunks painted white, babies swaddled up within an inch of their lives (and sweating like crazy), the terrible roads, crazy traffic, popcorn with salsa, that yummy corn in chili powder sold on the streets, the guys at stop lights trying to wash your windshield... and much more. I don't know about the mayonesa thing in Mexico, but I know in Peru my friends put mayo on their french fries. I thought that was disgusting.

I've only been to Ensenada one time, but I have lots of memories of traveling to Mexico City

Rosemarie said...

Great list and have added it to my feature posts on Voice on Miscellaneous Matters.

Thanks for making me smile and laugh!

BlackJack said...

AWESOME List! You have inspired me to make my own list. I will share this with my own Blog readers. Thank ya! By the way, it bout the same here in Monterrey.