Monday, April 09, 2007

4 confessions and a link (or two)

I confess:
until a comment made to the posted song below I never had heard the saying "Christian Cheese"

Ever curious I did a search to find the meaning of it. Apparently it is the commercialization of Christianity and it's marketing . . . . I came across one link in particular that I thought was particularly good. (Reminds me of the book "Why Men Hate Going To Church"by Rick Warren)

So confession #2:
I don't like the effeminate Jesus or angels for that matter. Never in the bible is an angel a woman. In fact, I'm pretty convinced that these angels would appear more as warriors, intimidating men than effeminate since every time they showed up somebody was scared!

So, not that I'll snub my nose if someone kindly gives me an lady angel thing-a-ma-bob. . . we appreciate (love) the thought, but we just don't buy these things for ourselves.

This leads me to confession #3:
once I did find out what "Christian Cheese" was I had to laugh that I got pegged for it, since that song posted is about as cheesy as I get in regard to Easter. My hubby and I don't like christian cheese either . . . we even go a crazy step more and don't celebrate Easter, or Christmas . . .
*you read that right *
instead, as I said in my last post-His birth and His Resurrection is something we should celebrate everyday. So we chose not to take all the other religions, myths, marketing and so forth and wrap them up into something called a "Christian" holiday but really isn't.

No worries though, we don't think this is any super-saint type actions to take, it is simply our personal choice (and it makes getting through the holidays a lot less stressful too!) and if we got gifts from someone for Christmas we enjoyed it . . . if we get chocolate bunnies from friends, we eat them with joy!

And if your finding this hard to swallow, imagine what my dear mother-in-law went through! LOL, my own mother for that matter! Both raised us with Christmas trees and Rudolf the red nose reindeer, Peter cottontail and the works . . . OH WHERE DID THEY GO WRONG, they lament!!!!

But just so you know. After church we did have a ham lunch with mom, friends and family, followed by a game of Hand and Foot . . .

and confession #4:
I never bought a WWJD anything, or own a thing like it that I can think of . . . as I told a friend "I don't really follow the fads, but that is just another way to saying I can't afford the fashion." . . .

Yet in all sincerity . . . my life is wrapped in and centered around Jesus Christ, and that will, time and again show through (hopefully more so than not) and if that is pegged "christian cheesy" then I am glad to be one guilty mama.


Grundi said...

Funny! Glad I could be of some help in illustrating Christian cheese! I get the biggest kick out of miscellaneous items found in Christian bookstores like the "Testamints" candies.

Just two weeks ago, my husband and I were wandering through Macy's. Next to the chocolate bunnies, they had chocolate crucifixes. Seriously! I'm not sure if that's an homage to Christ or an insult. I should have bought one.

Think Pink Dana said...

the last post and this one both made me laugh aloud and gave me nightmares. I actually had to SING that awful song this past weekend at our Easter service and lamented the ENTIRE TIME how completely horrible it was and how I hated singing it! And it totally is not our normal "style" of worship and I just could't figure out why we had to "cheese it up (my EXACT WORDS) for a pseudo christian holiday.
However, because you normally dislike Christian Cheese and provided a good belly laugh I will let the awful Bell Song post not be the only memory I take with me of my inaugural visit here!!