Friday, April 13, 2007

Lieutenant Trekkie . . . User Test: The Trekkie Test.

It sounds good, but when you look at the comparison summary:

Comparison Summary:
Of the 12832 unique test takers...
For: trekkiness
66% scored higher, and 33% scored lower.
The average Raw Score is: 101.2, your's was: 92.

OK, friends . . what did you get?


sarahgrace said...

I am only an Ensign...but I have to say, I only liked TNG and Voyager (which I commonly refer to as the one with 7 of 9)- and I would totally get the DVD set for TNG. I'd love to see my dad take this test though...he's a huge, huge fan. Lots of good memories with Star Trek though, it was a weekly Saturday night thing with my fam for a long time. : )

Jim said...

Commander. Uh oh. Should I admit that?

Midsummer Night said...

I don't know anything about star trek. I get star trek and the other similar show confused all the time. Awful I know. :)

Rhonda said...

Well, Lieutenant, you can call me Commander! No, of course you don't have to salute!