Sunday, April 22, 2007

My man, the mighty hunter!


Yes, he did . . . remember the RAT? Well, grandma was over helping out, folding laundry in the living room, on Friday when she said "I think I just saw the mouse!".

And then I locked myself in the office with my 20 month old, but my husband got all native on me.

What would you use to catch a rat? A bat? A bucket? A big bottle of Raid?

My hubby got his fishing spear . . . and I don't know the details (I stayed in the office, remember?) but all I know is that he SPEARED THE THING!

If we ever were lost on an island, I feel pretty confident that we could survive with my hubby and a spear. Really, I've heard that rat tastes like chicken.

There is something about a successful hunt too, my hubby came in later still trembling with adrenaline and giving me a big hug. It lifted his spirits, it did. He feels like a HERO!

And in my books he is.


sarahgrace said...

That is awesome! Good for him!

Amy said...

Awww...he is a hero!

Midsummer Night said...

He would so be my hero too if he did that in my house! Yea for your hubby!

Cmommy said...

Knighthood granted to thy husband!

The adrenaline thing, it is true---my hubby killed a nuisance bird when it stuck its head in the neat little hole it had made on the side of our house, with a 22. He was so studly about it!
(that sentence, above, wins an award for containing an abundance of prepositional phrases)

Jane said...

3 cheers for husbands with spears!!!

About the Shepherding book, I have heard that "Don't make me count to 3" is a similiar premise but more practical, I haven't read it yet. I enjoyed Shepherding and agree with the overall teaching but there were a few things I wasn't sure about, maybe just from an adoption perspective though.

Looney Mom said...

Ewwww... I kinda feel sorry for the rat. I hope it was an instant "departure" but WOO HOO for your hubby getting "native" on you -- LOL!

jdoriot said...

LOL!! Too funny about him going "native" on you!! I think I would have hid out too...don't know if I could handle seeing a spearing! loL!!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

what a sweet photo!

Kailani said...

Great job Hubby! I wouldn't care how it got taken out, as long as it was gone!

An Island Life

Rebekah said...

When my family was living in El Salvador our choice tools for rat removal were brooms and metal mops (you know the kind that look like a hanger with a tall handle?). Anyway, my sis and I would sit on the kitchen counter or any tall surface with the brooms and sweep the critter toward my parents or the maid - they had the mop heads and used those to squish them.

Ah, what sweet memories of serving Christ in El Salvador! heh.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

First, I'm glad he got the rat. I have a friend who lives in a big ole farmhouse and they caught theirs by baiting the trap with potato chips!

Second, have you ever noticed that EVERYTHING that isnt beef, but is strange, "tastes like chicken" - like squirrel, froglegs, rattlesnake.....seriously. My response is always then why not just eat chicken????

Lauren said...


Military Mommy said...

Oh Lordy. I saw the word rat and just got the heeby jeebies. :)

I am more scared of rats than anything I can think of, so your husband is definitely a hero in my book.


Sallie said...

Great job!!! My brother killed a rat once with an axe while our dad was gone to work. We thought they were just sweet little mice until we saw them!! UGH!! Glad it's gone and he got to be the hunter and be tribal and all..LOL..

Toni said...

Why didn't I think of that? A spear. No, instead sister-in-law and I battled a rat with a cooking pot and a broom. Thanks for reminding me to blog about that sometime. Thanks too for your visit to my blog.