Monday, January 22, 2007

More about Virginia

So I wrote here about how I got to know Virginia, sign language and such . . . well.

So the scene here is one Sunday after the deaf had gathered for church.

First we see Rita and her new daughter, seated next to her is her son, almost two years old. Both she and her hubby are deaf, but the children are hearing.

Then we see Virginia signing in American Sign Language about worship and her daughter understanding it. Then you will see her address me - behind the camera - and she switches to Mexican sign language speaking about the tape of children's praise music I lent to her daughter.

I am excited to be working with Virginia and our friend Yesenia on a retreat for the deaf women. We even got a guest speaker to come! Praise the Lord! We will be inviting deaf women from Ensenada and Tijuana . . . it's, well, as I said, EXCITING!


kellygirl said...

Thank you for that video. I loved seeing Rita and her baby (beautiful) and Virginia! I miss you all so much that it hurts...sigh. I'll just have to hitch-hike out there!!

sarahgrace said...

That is so amazing to see!

I kept on thinking, man if I could just communicate to my children through sign language...I'd never yell at them... do you like that book ("When you Feel Like Screaming), I've been slowly reading through mine whenever I have a spare moment, and they have a lot of examples, but I'm hoping they give some constructive advice for how to avoid the yelling towards the end...

my 2 cents said...

That's interesting to watch. And great news about the retreat

Yellow Mama said... the way your picture with miss cute face is how time flies!

Mike said...

Love your movie montage. Great images and the music is perfect.


Jane said...

Exciting is right!!! Thanks for the tip on caffine content and coffee beans, i never knew that! Loving the Sumatra blend at the moment. Love reading your updates.