Friday, April 20, 2007

What a day!

So remember the dead mouse smell I spoke about here? Turns out it was a dead RAT behind the fridge! Then that night my hubby saw something rat like run into the kids closet.


Well, needless to say we didn't have them sleep in their room, set some traps and piled everyone into our bed.

Read: mom and dad got no sleep.

So next day I'm sleep deprived and trying to do relay service for the deaf (through instant messaging now, it's kinda cool) and the toilet overflows, then my boy does poop art in the living room . Meanwhile I'm skittish in the kids room since we had no mouse/rat in the traps. By the time Dad got home I was almost in tears.

Bless his heart he took over, even though he was as tired as I was and I got a good nap.


And if I could get this baby to stop resting on my lower back I could almost think that we've returned to 'normal'!

But I'm off . . . I'll have to check in with you all later.
Here's a random picture in the meantime.


sarahgrace said...

Oh Michelle...I can relate. Glad things are going a little better, and hope you catch the unidentified rodent. Eeek!

Midsummer Night said...

Oh a rat. Ewwww. Sorry to hear about it! I hope you catch it soon.

I have had those types of days too, granted not the same rat/poop/no sleep/and relay service. But the same stressed to the max days. Your husband is so sweet to take over! Bless him!

Kailani said...

If there was a rat in our house, I'd probably move out until it was caught! LOL!

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