Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Random stuff

1. Finally got a date set for surgery. Dec 6th.
2. It will require a two day hospital stay recovery that in a slightly twisted way I'm looking forward to - can we say sleep deprivation?

3. If all goes well I'll be meeting Heather in real life! Finally. She doesn't live, what I consider, too far away.

4. This whole past week I've been waking up to find a 3 year old in our bed. Sometimes, I can vaguely remember her crawling in, other times I can't. Got to stop this habit.
5. There is this new deaf couple that is starting to attend our church. They believe in God, but don't know much about Him.

6. Hence it has been so much fun to answer questions like "Does God sleep?" (No) And explaining how you pray. (Just talk to Him, no ritual . . .He wants to hear what you have to say.) And my favorite "He can understand me? (Oh, yes! Jesus knows sign! ;-)
7. I wish I could show you pictures of Mission Month . . . But my uncle asked to use our camera for that purpose so, those pictures will have to wait. Did I mention that they had a COW in the church? Oh yes, they did!

8. My little 1 year old signs Mexican Sign language now. "mas", "porfavor", "gracias", "galleta", all the food related signs. In ASL he knows "more", "please", "daddy", "cold", "food", "drink", "milk"and "all done" - he doesn't say anything except a whispery "tanku" for thank you.

9. It's getting cooler her now. Mornings are in the 60's and the days are mid 70's. I'll have to pull out the long sleeves soon.

10. I am constantly amazed and encouraged by how much, how tenderly, God loves us! In spite of ourselves -

11. Kari Jobe is an anointed worship leader. She sings what is in my heart.

12. I join up NaBloPoMo with every intention of posting every day in November but I won't be able to make it since . . .

13. My hubby and I have been invited by friends to join them for a week on a cruise ship!

They got us tickets! I am beyond excited for this last week of November. What a blessing!


Anonymous said...

the cow in the church cracks me up! He's got more sense then most people then...


sarahgrace said...

Can I just say...I'm sooo jealous- you get to meet Heather??!!! And....go on a cruise!! You are one blessed cookie.

Have a ton of fun! And I will be praying that your surgery goes very smoothly and that you heal quickly.

Mike said...

A week on a cruise ship? And all for free?



Rebekah said...

1. Surgery date...same as my mom's so it'll be very easy for me to remember you in prayer! Thanks for thinking of me as you scheduled. heh.

2. I'm jealous! You get to meet Heather! Hopefully you'll get to chat longer than we got too...I'm still upset we weren't able to chat it up longer.

3. Cruise!?! I'm trying to say I'm excited but really...just jealous again. Have fun! 2 cents said...

Have fun on the cruise! How exciting!

That's cute that your little one-yr-old is signing in both ASL and Mexican sign language!!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I'm so with you on #4. Sometimes I wake up and think, when did she get here?

Cruise! Awesome!

I majored in deaf ed my first two years of college but I've forgotten tons because I don't use it much. Is there a different set of signs for Mexican Sign Language? All I know is signed English.

Jane said...

I am so excited about your ministry. It is so wonderful. I loved visiting your site.
Your children are adorable. I really hope you enjoy the will be a wonderful time for you and your husband.

Jane said...

I am so excited about your ministry. It is so wonderful. I loved visiting your site.
Your children are adorable. I really hope you enjoy the will be a wonderful time for you and your husband.

Jane said...

OOPS, sorry to have posted twice!!!

Ally Bean said...

I like your list. Your life sounds much more interesting than mine!

The idea of a cow in church makes me smile. He didn't happen to be purple, did he?

Anonymous said...

A cruise how sweet is that? great list. Thanks for stopping by my 18th T13 The 13 Fun Facts about New Orleans Edition

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Hope all goes well with the surgery! Wow, and a cruise. You are blessed! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by:D

Anonymous said...

oooooh a cruise! how fun! i love those! we had the best time on our honeymoon on one. good luck with your surgery, i'm sending a prayer your way. *hugs*
thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! A cruise for a week. :-)
Thanks for visiting my blog. Jared is secretly my favourite one on my list. LOL

Heather said...

A cow in church?! ha ha ha

You are going to LOVE the cruise. I've been on 7. hee hee. I love taking cruises!

kailani said...

How lucky! I've always wanted to go on a cruise. Hope you have a wonderful time!

Jane said...

a cow in church and going on a cruise.....I really enjoyed reading your very varied Thursday 13!!!

Tanya said...

Wow, your life sounds utterly amazing. I was in Ensenada many years ago and LOVED IT.

Thanks for visiting my list, I'll be back to read more soon :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the surgery!
Thanks for dropping by at my TT!

Anonymous said...

I will say a prayer about your surgery, that you have a very knowledgeable staff and swift recovery. Great List! I loved the one about the deaf couple, such sweet questions. :O) Happy TT, and thanks for stopping by my blog again!

kellygirl said...

There is so much I want to say about all 13 things but I;m just gonna comment on 13.
You so deserve it and need it!
I am so very happy for you guys!

kellygirl said...
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Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Cruise tickets - man you know how to pick friends! Love too that your little one is learning sign language. Who knows what God will do with that!