Tuesday, November 07, 2006

And back to 0

There it was again.


I was too tired, I was fustrated, I was . . .Whatever.

I have loved the encouragement I have been getting.

I've been very conscious of not raising my voice - I may have said some things rather firmly or through grit teeth, but I've been careful to not yell and this "no" just popped right out of me! Like a cork from a champaine bottle.

Bev suggested "When you feel like Screaming" and Amazon was selling it for a penny! so I got it!
In the introduction it says "Screaming is a habit, a habit that can be broken. . . . It can be difficult to break because many mothers are comfortable with the screaming (which usually guarantees a certain measure of success) and tolerate the guilt that follows."

They end their introduction:

"Yours for keeping joy in motherhood,"


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Just the fact that I know you're doing this has made me really aware of what I say to the kids. And then I rationalize. What's raising my voice? I didn't really yell. My tone was ugly though. Did that count? It really makes me conscious of how often I tend to snap at them.


sarahgrace said...

You've done really well to make it this far Michelle- If I had a counter, I would have had to reset that thing at least 5 times by now. I think I am going to order that book that Bev suggested too. We can sorta read it together ; )