Monday, November 13, 2006

Packages, packages!

I've just been *hugged* big time via snail mail . . . and I'm all smiles about it!

Barefoot in my Garden - here is a SHOUT OUT THANK YOU! For the package I picked up today!!!!

Duely noted, smelly creams and shower gels to keep for pampering after surgery . . . but you didn't honestly expect the Godiva chocolate covered mini pretzels to make it out of post office did you?



Amber said...

Godiva pretzels actually exist? That must be heaven.

And I totally agree with timeout. Last year when we were teaching our daughter the concept, I got sent to timeout for something I did by my husband. I started to protest but then realized that 34 minutes without interruption has its advantages!!

Heather said...

;-) Nope I didn't. I figured the "regular" candy would be for the kidlets - and the GOOD stuff was for Mama's sanity.

kellygirl said...

Wow!! That is awesome! Yeah, I think that only you and God should know hey exsisted. What a very cool person Amber is for sending the 'yummys'!
Oh, and time out? What do I need to do to get there?