Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Father's love.

The video that I posted today about the Hoyts, what is so amazing about that story for me is the fathers love.

When his son couldn't run, he did for him. When he couldn't walk, his father carried him and when they crossed the waters his father pulled him safely in a boat. I am at a loss for how far the effect of this reaches in me, because I couldn't help feeling that love is the type I get from God.

The speaker at our missions conference was the type of person that you could feel the presence of God with him. But not like you would think - dynamic, awesome and mighty - but a sweet presence, loving like a proud Father and powerful.

Melo is from Bolivia. He wanted to serve God but not in a "boring" way. He asked God to give him something difficult to do, or nothing at all.

So God sent him smuggling bibles into a country where it is illegal and he could lose his life.

He went the first time with 300 bibles in 5 suitcases. Just by himself, without knowing the language, the culture, or anybody.

Because God said so.

How he got through was miraculous. How he found a pastor there was miraculous. And when he did the pastor started crying.

The group of believers had been praying for 5 years for bibles. They thought that God had forgotten them.

I was in tears, our pastor was all choked up. Several people were crying. It was amazing.

And he is speaking again tonight. "Living to die"

So . .. I'm off.


kellygirl said...

Oh, I saw the same video in our church. There was not a dry eye in the house. It was moving beyond words. I agree with you about the Fathers love for us. That was what I felt when I first watched was overwhelming. I watched it again and still got chocked up. Geez, I got chocked up
just telling my 8 yr old about it! Awesome to hear about the speaker at your uncles church! Wow!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Wow Michelle, this: "He asked God to give him something difficult to do, or nothing at all." THIS will carry me through a lot of days. I will remember it. Thank you so much. It was truly a blessing to read it.

Chaotic Mom said...

I bawled when I saw this. Totally amazing. I have goose bumps just thinking about it now.

Hey, just had my boys' site redone! ;)