Thursday, August 10, 2006


In our home we don't get very good TV reception at all. We haven't put the antennas up to do so. We don't want to, we do just fine with videos and movies.

So now while we are out traveling and visiting with the in-laws my daughter (and me!) are enjoying DIGITAL TV!

But my little girl just doesn't understand commercials. So every time she's watching - say - JoJo's circus and they take a commercial break, she freaks.

"NO! Mommy! Jojo's tircus!"
"Honey, it will be right back."
"No mommy bideo! Jojo tircus!"
"This is just a commercial, it last a little bit . . "
"No co-mertol, No mommy bideo!"

And this pretty much goes on until a)a fun commercial comes on that she gets interested in or
b) her show comes back on

Yet if it's option A then once that commercial is over she's upset that we changed her "bideo" on her AGAIN! It's so fustrating for her!


Rebekah said...

I tell you, hearing these stories is going to be so much more fun because I can picture you and your little ones interacting now that I've met you in real life.

Too cute. Frustrating, but cute.

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

oh man, I bet that is confusing for her! That's what we'll be going through in a couple years with ours!! We don't watch tv either...just videos like you. Yikes! Thanks for the warning!

Lauren said...

Funny thing, I feel the same way about commercials.