Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fun News!

Life is a rollercoaster - with ups and downs. I've shared my downs, now let me share an up with you! Dear little Mister has taken his first steps at his "auntie-grandmas" (my aunts) and is now walking, abeit a little woobly, at his grandma's and grandpa's. It sure is fun to share these moments with them! Watch out world he is a walker now!


Chaotic Mom said...

Woo hoo! Watch out, before you know it Mr. Walker will become Mr. Runner and Mr. Climber... ;)

kellygirl said... happy to share the milestones with you! I agree with chaotic mom...and after Mr. Climber comes...Mr. Tornado!!
Aaah! Watch out he comes. I just love seeing theme grow and reach those milestones. My youngest Miss R. (15 month) is trying to talk! Amazing huh?