Thursday, August 31, 2006

Four Aunts and an Ovary.

In my comments sarahgrace said

Oh Michelle- I will pray for your ovary...I know that sounds funny and I hope it made you laugh, but seriously, I will be praying for you.

It did! And then Camy wanted to know more about how my aunties mother me, so let me tell you a something that involves a bit of both.

I have four aunts; two live together in MN and one lives near by me in the mission field, about 45 minute drive. My fourth aunt also lives in MN with her hubby . . .

Well, I got the news on Monday, "state side" in CA, that I need to get this baseball size ovary out. I'm tired, I'm already stressed with other going-ons. I feel overwhelmed and stunned. So I whip out our cell and make a call to the aunties in MN (who are also prayer warriors) to let them know and ask for prayer - since I'm dazed. Feeling numb. Can't think.

Then Tuesday - still feeling dazed I drive over to my aunts place in MX around lunch time (always a good time to visit!!) to talk with her. But when I get there she already knows. She got the e-mail asking for prayer from MN (mind you my two MN aunties don't have e-mail! I suspect aunt #4 has something to do with this!) and aunt in MX was surprised that I hadn't called or come over earlier!

I was grateful (once again) for these loving aunts of mine and embarrassed at the same time.

Embarrassed because . . .huh, I mean, ovaries are just so personal! And those that know me know that I am NOT SHY when we are talking about . . .*ahem* stuff! I just have to keep this blog family friendly, that's all . . .

Anyway - it's the same feeling I had when I was pregnat. Like I was walking around with my underwear exposed, something so personal is so entirely public!

Now again, when speaking to my uncle, or brothers(!) I haven't told them yet, YIKES, I don't want to speak about my OVARIES with them in the same way that I don't want to hear about their testes! or even other family and friends of the female variety, I am speaking through some odd sense of modesty. It's weird.

But it's my aunts who are counseling me, listening to me, and praying for me. Spreading the word about my ovary to all those good Lutherans in Minnesota - Including Pastor Ronald! Ugh! Stop it? No way!

Besides what's so different about blogging it that it doesn't bother me here? Perhaps because I am writing to an audience, in my mind's eye, of women? Can't say . . . but the written word "ovary" isn't nearly as awkward as it is spoken.
ovary Then again maybe it is?


Karen said...

LOL!! I know what you mean about some things are too personal to talk about. I have had much of my pride stripped away this past year as I have been explaining to people (only when I've had to) that I have been having my period for a year!! Not to be outdone by "we have fertility problems and have been put on Clomid" nice. Our pastor and his wife came to visit becauser they knew I was not well and he was struggling (at age 27!!) between being a concerned pastor and asking questions and being a guy and not really wanting to know!!! Thank goodness for pastor's wives!!!

Anyway, much prayer for you!!

Heather said...

Ovary Ovary Ovary! I will add our prayers to your dear aunties!

Rhonda said...

Let me get this straight, you're emabarrased to say "ovary", but you are the one who said, and I quote, "So, I am challenged again to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to get (oh, dare I say it!) orgasmic with my Jesus!" Hmmmmmm, interesting. If you ask me, ovary is way less embarrasing;)

BTW, we did pray for you at Church last night, but I just mentioned the cyst, not the "where".


Michelle said...

*he he he* :-)

Your right Rhonda! I am a contradiction . . . cant' explain it.

sarahgrace said...

Your aunties sound awesome! What a blessing they are! Praying for happy ovaries!