Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Chapter 10

Mothers, Daughters, Friends

My aunts had a big part in mothering me. I am more than thankful they did. I can see now that a lot of my personal beliefs and attitudes come from one aunt in particular that didn't have any children of her own.

I have 4 aunts, all sisters to my mother. They all have influenced my life in one way or another. Another aunt has had in her home three of her own children and many many others that have graced her table. She considers them spiritual children besides her own.

My darlings have so many grandmothers . . . . we call them auntie-grandma's.
So this chapter rung true to me.
Yet not necessarily hitting with me anything particularity new or insightful.
That or I'm just not "getting" it.
Well, there are only two chapters left.
Let's see what's next . . . Ohhh - "Warrior Princess" That just SOUNDS interesting! . . .

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Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Its hard to relate to Stasi's experience because it was so awful. I'd have scars too, but mostly reading it makes me thankful I can't relate!

My post is about to go up. She had some good comments I thought.