Saturday, August 12, 2006

The breakfast that lasted to lunch.

Like cool waters on a hot day!

That's what it felt like to meet up with these ladies!

Yes in-deedy. I got to meet in real life Rebekah and Addie! Kids in tow we got coffee then went to the nearest playplace. (There is a reason that McD's is doing so well!) Our kid count was 7, my own being the most troublesome. Little missy kept trying to see if her little brother could bounce! Yet we all survived and really, what a delight it was.

If you've read Addie's latest blog she will tell you that she's a bit "snappy" right now - but I got none of that, instead she impressed me as a calm, intelligent, insightful lady.

Rebekah was radiant with a smile that went from one ear to another!

Both, oh so delightful! And we went in for breakfast and left as the lunch crowd started coming in and my heart broke, seriously, I wish I could have stayed much, much longer.

I resisted calling after them and asking if I could just go home with them. That might have come off as a bit too . . . stalker-ish.

It was fun!
Thank you Addie! Thank you Rebekah!

It remains my honor to have met you.


Rebekah said...

I would've stayed all day long too but I was afraid I would seem to stalker-ish!

Well, next time we join up we'll know to block off the entire day!

Addie said...

Ha, Ha! You're funny Michelle! It was a great lunch and definitely just what I needed - Encouraging conversation with some great friends. I loved hearing about all the God is doing with your group in Mexico!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Mizzourah, and make sure you eat plenty of those burrito shells before you leave. :D

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

MIRL with a few - that sounds about perfect. How great you got to do just that.

T. Suzanne Eller said...

I love your site! I love the story of your child wanting to know where her hair had gone. : )

Suzanne Eller

Lauren said...

I am just so darn jealous right now! I'm totally sportin' a pouting face.