Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Captivating Romance

Capivating romanced. I totally agree with the statement A woman becomes beautiful when she knows she's loved. I believe it, I have seen it happen. And that we don't need to wait for a man to do this! Yes, God longs to bring this Himself!

That Jesus describes himself and his longing and love for us like a bridegroom, I "get". When the groom is at the alter, waiting for his woman (according to God's plan), its exciting and emotional, but what is it that the groom is looking forward to? (Mind you, I have to keep this blog family friendly!) - intimacy with his bride (wink wink). Oh yeah - sure, love of a lifetime, family, long walks on warm summer evenings under the stars bla bla bla, but he is sure looking forward to knowing his wife! In the biblical sense. It is bonding, it draws them together like nothing else, it makes them one. In God's plan it is BEAUTIFUL, it is S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Special. A want, a need, a drive! that's the longing Jesus has for us.

*whew* Is it warm in here or is it just me?

And I do believe that this romancing is personal! I have experienced it myself but I will tell the story of my Aunt. She loves to see horses running loose on the streets. She lives in an area where that is not unheard of. Often she will recount to me that just when she needed it, just when she may have asked for some loven from her God, she is given a sight of running horses. Coincidence? OH COME ON! Take it for what it is! GOD LOVING YOU! Why not? He can, HE'S GOD!

And I know. I KNOW He spoils me!

This may seem a bit much, doesn't God have a lot to do? Isn't He too busy to be all spoiling on me? But God is eternal! He is not locked into time like we are. This romancing can be personal, He can "sing over with delight and dance . . . Across mountain tops and ballroom floors" with us because He has eternity to do so, with each one of us!

Eldredge says "God wants to live this life together with you, to share in your days and decisions, your desires and disappointments. He wants intimacy with you in the midst of the madness and the mundane . . . the laundry and lists . . .He is not interested in intimacy with the woman you think you are supposed to be,. He wants intimacy with the real you."


It would be like telling my hubby that we cant have intimacy (or "putting up pickles" as boomama would say) until I was the ideal wife . . . Lose a few more pounds, get some perky-er everything . . .*snort* Yeah, like that would happen. But you see? My hubby doesn't want perfection - he wants me and he wants me NOW! So does Jesus. :-)

And I agreed with the ending chapters - our time with the lover of our souls will be opposed! Don't we know it! So, I am challenged again to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to get (oh, dare I say it!) orgasmic with my Jesus!

(Please forgive me if I offended any sensitivities, but I do believe His passion for us is this strong!)


Danielle said...

I love how blunt and passionate you are about describing the desire Jesus has for us, and that we should have for our Savior! I really enjoyed this post!

BooMama said...

Ah, the pickles haunt me again. :-)

And I love that you said "perky-er everything" - :-) - too funny.

sarahgrace said...

This is a great post, Michelle! I love how open you are, and I love how you've been able to see where God is romancing you (It's awesome isn't it?!) Thanks for sharing!

Rebekah said...

Preach it, Sister!!!

I could not have said this better.

And, yeah, it's hot in here!

Camy Tang said...

Good post, Michelle! I think I said several of the same things on my post. (I still haven't read chapter 8 yet, thought).

Putting up pickles??? ROFL!!! You and boomama are hoots!